Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amazing Pix of Blizzard.

Tom's Journal.

Below are some sensational pix of the Blizzard of 2011 that I know will interest you all. I am just amazed how severe weather can paralyze so much of the country-- and that just shows us how impotent and puny we humans are compared to the awesome power of God Almighty! For those who doubt that power-- I can only they are simple minded and ignorant. "Ignorance can be cured-- but stupid is forever..." I know that love is blind-- but if someone chooses a stupid person for a mate in marriage-- they are doomed from the start, IMHO. All the hard work of years can be pulled down in a heart beat by a stupid spouse-- either sex. The wisdom of the Bible is so valuable-- especially Proverbs. I can only wish that my parents didn't recommend Bible study when I was a kid..... sorry, but better late than never.

Well, I am waiting here at the PC with the front door open so I can catch the UPS guy who tried to deliver some important meds to me yesterday, but left a stick on note that said he MISSED ME! I surely thought that ALL Gov't and Postal entities would be down and out yesterday in S.E. Wisconsin, and my front walk was all drifted in with snow! A nice teen from church snow blow-d my front walk and porch last night, and said he would come back this morning to do the rest. I gave him a 'gift- $$' and thanked him many times. His Dad just had another hip replacement recently, and I am amazed how that gentleman bounced right back-- already back to work! I get the feeling, and have read and heard that knee surgery is worse than hip surgery-- but I would welcome any input from you readers on that subject.

I just noticed that someone new joined my reader list and that is up to 108 readers for this humble blog! Not many comment anymore [life is a rat] but many tell me that they read my blog.

Friends, I have to be frank and tell you that the Bible [which is my most important source of information, and life line to God and Jesus Christ] tells us that MUCH WORSE TIMES ARE COMING AND WE OUGHT TO UNDERSTAND AND WATCH FOR THESE THINGS!! Even though this news seems dim, dismal, worrisome, and even 'take your breath away' scary, There is always a 'way out' and salvation is with us Christians!! God has a way out for us, and even DEATH is but a door way to Heaven! I prob sound like I am 'beating a dead horse' -- but the truth is the truth, and the sun will rise in the East every morning!

My son, Andy, just called from Racine, WI. where they got hit hardest by wind and snow, and he asked if he could come over to borrow my snow blower-- so I said, "yes", but only I can drive my Ram 4 by 4, because that is my only means of travel that also carries my super power scooter-- the 3 wheeled Golden Avenger. I just cannot risk loaning out my truck that I half paid off. I will be happy when it's totally paid off. I learned my financial tricks of saving money and paying bills off in less time by giving them more that the usual minimum payment. This works well with houses and vehicles too... and it boosts your credit rating!

I got a good feeling that it's going to be a great sunny day!

Tom Schuckman


JT said...

I looked at the pictures. Amazing. God Bless You.

Missie said...

We ended up with all ice yesterday. I would rather have had the snow. I hope the meds you need get delivered today.