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Prez may be in trouble.

Tom's Journal.

BUT... even IF Mr. Obama gets removed from the presidency, we are still in a giant stew where the world is working it's way to the 'point of no return' and the unraveling of civilization as we know it. As if we educated Bible loving Christian have not already seen all the precursors of the world slipping downward into that slippery slope of heathen, ungodly, Satanic dung heap of immorality and corruption these past few decades. It very well looks as if Satan is winning the war-- but in reality a good handful of battles. Fact is: JESUS IS COMING, and the Rapture is near! Hold on to the Truth that set you free, dear friends in Christ! I say that even if the "good guys" were soon elected in the USA-- the future of planet earth still has to fulfill Bible prophecy! I continue-- Heaven is a real place where the Saints and Believers will go, but Satan has done a smash up job of deceiving the majority of the world. He has most of the world chasing their tails with all the momentous political world events and turmoil that fills the TV 'news' every single day! Good news or bad news-- it's ALL a major distraction from God's Word-- the BIBLE!

Frankly, friends, I personally have to near beat myself not to get involved and regress into being a "news junkie" too. I am human, and there fore a sinner, with plenty to work on. If I come off as being a braggart, boastful or a know- it -all, I sincerely apologize, even as I have tried to read, study to become knowledgeable of all the stuff I talk about and share. After all, what good is having the world in your hands -- if you lose your soul in the end?? As I told my Mom [again and again] today, the definition of an expert is 'someone who knows everything there is to know about ONE, SET SUBJECT.' So many of us are an expert, or a near-expert in a few subjects, including me, yet we are still sinners and dust in the wind-- SAVED only by the blood sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus.

I saw my wife today, and last night she got sick on the food [or something] and had to be put to bed by the nurse and remain there until she is better. She is weak and dizzy. I told her that she would get the compact refrigerator that she wanted within the week, as the nursing home only allows the patients to have a small 2.5 CU. IN. unit in their room, so I will call Sears tomorrow. I brought her some vitamin C and more cough drops, etc. and spent some quality time with her, then did a lot of chores before my truck is repaired for parts of 3 days next week... because some punk backed his company's truck into my beautiful Ram 4 by 4 a week ago....Grrrr.
My son, Andy, charged up the dead battery in my older Caravan, but my power scooter won't be available for me until the truck is repaired. I think that the repair shops get rich that way... lol. And all of their "loaners" are busy doing time with other folks. I got the flu now too with congestion, sore throat and trouble breathing. Sharon still has bronchitis, etc. Thank you all for your prayers.

Most of our snow has melted in S.E. Wisconsin-- but perhaps some of that is related to the heat and hot air from the revolting teachers' unions protesting in Madison, WI...Ha! They do get some very high benefit packages and perks up here in WI., and the children get hurt when they strike. Actually, although some teachers are very good-- the students graduate functionally illiterate these days and Milwaukee still has a high teen age pregnancy problem yet... I have been in a few unions in my life too, and I can say that they are both good and bad, and many had a communist beginning. As per coal miners and auto workers-- we [they] were screwed and mistreated by the rich owners and managers in the early days--low pay, deaths on the job and injuries, etc., but after ward, IMHO, the unions got too greedy-- and many companies out sourced to places like Mexico and China. Obama supports the Unions because they put him into office!! Please read about this below:

Tom Schuckman

Obama may be in deep trouble… Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court


By Rebel Rouser from Texas

According to sources who watch the inner workings of the federal government, a smackdown of Barack Obama by the U.S. Supreme Court may be inevitable. Ever since Obama assumed the office of President, critics have hammered him on a number of Constitutional issues.

Critics have complained that much, if not all of Obama’s major initiatives run headlong into Constitutional roadblocks on the power of the federal government.

Obama certainly did not help himself in the eyes of the Court when he used the venue of the State of the Union address early in the year to publicly flog the Court over its ruling that the First Amendment grants the right to various organizations to run political ads during the time of an election.

The tongue-lashing clearly did not sit well with the Court, as demonstrated by Justice Sam Alito, who publicly shook his head and stated under his breath, ‘That’s not true,’ when Obama told a flat-out lie concerning the Court’s ruling.

As it has turned out, this was a watershed moment in the relationship between the executive and the judicial branches of the federal government. Obama publicly declared war on the court, even as he blatantly continued to propose legislation that flies in the face of every known Constitutional principle upon which this nation has stood for over 200 years.

Obama has even identified Chief Justice John Roberts as his number one enemy, that is, apart from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and so on.

And it is no accident that the one swing-vote on the court, Justice Anthony Kennedy, stated recently that he has no intention of retiring until ‘Obama is gone.’

Apparently, the Court has had enough.

The Roberts Court has signaled, in a very subtle manner, of course, that it intends to address the issues about which Obama critics have been screaming to high heaven.

A ruling against Obama on any one of these important issues could potentially cripple the Administration.

Such a thing would be long overdue.

First, there is ObamaCare, which violates the Constitutional principle barring the federal government from forcing citizens to purchase something.

And no, this is not the same thing as states requiring drivers to purchase car insurance, as some of the intellectually-impaired claim.

The Constitution limits FEDERAL government, not state governments, from such things, and further, not everyone has to drive, and thus, a citizen could opt not to purchase car insurance by simply deciding not to drive a vehicle.

In the ObamaCare world, however, no citizen can ‘opt out.’

Second, sources state that the Roberts court has quietly accepted information concerning discrepancies in Obama’s history that raise serious questions about his eligibility for the office of President.

The charge goes far beyond the birth certificate issue. This information involves possible fraudulent use of a Social Security number in Connecticut, while Obama was a high school student in Hawaii.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Third, several cases involving possible criminal activity, conflicts of interest, and pay-for-play cronyism could potentially land many Administration officials, if not Obama himself, in hot water with the Court.

Frankly, in the years this writer has observed politics, nothing comes close to comparing with the rampant corruption of this Administration, not even during the Nixon years.

Nixon and the Watergate conspirators look like choirboys compared to the jokers that populate this Administration.

In addition, the Court will eventually be forced to rule on the dreadful decision of the Obama DOJ suing the state of Arizona.

That, too, could send the Obama doctrine of open borders to an early grave, given that the Administration refuses to enforce federal law on illegal aliens.

And finally, the biggie that could potentially send the entire house of cards tumbling in a free-fall is the latest revelation concerning the Obama-Holder Department of Justice and its refusal to pursue the New Black Panther Party.

The group was caught on tape committing felonies by attempting to intimidate Caucasian voters into staying away from the polls.

A whistle-blower who resigned from the DOJ is now charging Holder with the deliberate refusal to pursue cases against blacks, particularly those who are involved in radical hate-groups, such as the New Black Panthers, who have been caught on tape calling for the murder of white people and their babies.

This one is a biggie that could send the entire Administration crumbling — that is, if the Justices have the guts to draw a line in the sand at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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