Monday, March 28, 2011


Tom's Journal.

More pure logic-- more sense-- in God's Covenants and Dispensations!  All the more reason why God will not let the world truly unite-- to work it's evil in this system.   If we can understand this thought-- we already know why those people, nations and orgs. are all on the wrong track with ecumenical- ism, one world religion and Gov't!  It's just anti-God. 

Again and too often I keep falling into the trap of getting political and satisfying my own selfish desires of 'tripping triggers,' irritating some folks, being a 'rabble rouser.'  That is the imperfect, sinful Tom, full of instant gratification and mischief, sorry.  I am talking about poking fun at politics and the man in the WH, etc.  Actually, all are guilty, sinful, selfish, controlled by the rich and powerful 'powers in the shadows' that pull and manipulate the strings, and remember, please, that Satan is running the whole show-- BOTH Parties, and all Governements.  Should we not learn from the long line of history where many Nations marched up and down in power, and why the so-called 'Golden Age' usually only lasted about 200 years??

Part of my weight gaining problem is due to some of the medications I must take now days, but I probably was raised to eat until full at home, as was my culture and reward for hard work, I guess.  Then we have the genetics and inherent genes and family line to think about.  And then emotional type of eating disorder, or what ever.  While MOST of the world is starving, Americans are getting larger.  I honestly like a good variety and veggies, but it hurts to stand up long enough to cook a balanced meal... so I end up eating the fast foods and baloney sandwiches that are fast and easy to make.  I can and have gone on fasts, but that's not the answer either.  Who knows if I will ever find the right "diet" before the Rapture, or death.  I was well built until the age of 40...and most of you have seen my pix.


Posted: 28 Mar 2011 03:52 PM PDT
By Dr. Thomas Ice Pre-Trib Research Center Since I have identified the biblical covenants and classified them as conditional or unconditional, I want to now look at each one and see if they are still in force today and if they are, how they relate to the church age believer. These covenants provide a framework by which we can know how God wants us to behave in every area of life.The Edenic

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