Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holy Spirit--Restrainer.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
When I post-- it serves me for the most part-- to help me tamp info down and remember it, but I always feel that others might have the same questions and thoughts about the Bible, current affairs and prophecy, etc.  I need to take time and explain [again] that my blog is not a cheery, 'feel good', smiley faced, entertainment sort of Blog.  I am mainly interested in finding and sharing the TRUTH, and also draw other combat Veterans together to share important facts and warnings about the VA system, and corruption, lies of that entity and the Gov't-- as a protection by arming fellow Veterans with important info, if possible.  Sorry if I disappoint some folks who don't care for my style.  My blog is also a way to keep in touch with friends all over the world --especially biblical Christians, and share some personal feelings and thoughts.

For the most part [99%], I get some very positive feed back, help, encouragement and stimulating insight.  THANK ALL WHO HAVE THE COURAGE TO POST COMMENTS AND EMAIL!   Living alone with my wife permanently in a nursing home 20 miles from my house has been a struggle and handicap for me, plus my infirmities and super slow healing and contention with the pain of arthritis-- sorry to complain so much, guys...and now I understand why some folks enjoy a glass of wine with their spaghetti, lol.  I have relied on constant prayer to our heavenly Father, and support from many friends-- even though many struggle with their own challenges and stresses of every day life and survival and diseases.  

And this brings me to the part about our dear country, America, and I am a history buff/ student.  There is a common thread thru the ages where many nations go thru a series of stages, from enslavement, enlightenment, education, freedom, a "Golden Age" of excellence, and then they fall into selfishness, greed, laziness, debauchery/ immorality, and then obscurity.  The Bible has the greatest true story of Israel going up and down, being blessed by GOD, and then scattered and persecuted.  America is no different-- and the short article below only reinforces my thoughts on this subject.   Even the great, powerful Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, was forced to admit that the God of the Hebrews was the supreme POWER in the whole universe-- and a king maker-- and king breaker, if He so wishes!  

America WAS greatly blessed in the first hundred years and beyond by God Almighty of the Bible.  But when people or a nation turn their backs on God and get so high and mighty, God withdraws His blessings and support.  It's just that simple-- whether you want to believe it or not!  There is NO other country I would rather be in, live in, even pay taxes in, serve with honor in the U.S. Army,  but the Bible says that the entire WORLD is soon to be having major problems, even the USA, as all of us know.  So many 'well meaning' Americans THINK that they can some how steer America back to it's greatness, by prayer, good deeds/ works, political endeavors, etc., but they lack the foresight that only serious Bible study with the help of the Holy Spirit can deliver... sorry.  The last redeeming grace we had left-- support for Israel, has been cut by the 'man in the WH', and our goofy Congress that WE elected.  That was the final 'straw that broke the camel's back, in my humble opinion !!'
I welcome your serious comments on this Blog/ Journal.

So... what ought we to do now?  Stay where we are, in America, face the music, pray like never before, for OUR individual salvation and others sitting on the fence, and grow closer to Jesus Christ-- act on His words, NOW!  Check out:   -- for a good, solid DEFINED King James translations that aids you in understanding.  Unfortunately, Satan the devil has most of the world chasing their tail, trying to survive, scared, afraid, ignorant 'UN-believers' who seem to be blinded, but unwilling to STUDY the "Book" and serve the Lord.  The ANSWER is NOT total, slavish support for any one nation or putting your Faith in mere, mortal men/ human Governements, but to KISS THE SON OF GOD, and follow Him, and share this Gospel with everyone you can!  I use email, FB, my lips, letters, example [and I can always improve on that!], and:  BIBLE TRACTS, INC. -- P.O. Box 188, Bloomington, IL., 61702-0188.  

Tom Schuckman     

Q. I just read your comments on II Thes. 2. You made mention of the “restrainer” being the church, and the Rapture would be what would remove the restrainer. I have a note in the margin of my KJV bible that some scholars believe the restrainer is the Holy Spirit, but most  believe it is [...]

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Tom, this has been argued for years. Some believe in a rapture before tribulation, pre rapture. I do. others claim that there will be a mid tribulation rapture and others believe in a post rapture or rapture after the great tribulation.It has always amazed me how the Holy spirit can give one an interpretation of scripture, and give another a different interpretation. of course He never does that. Many of the so called scholars I have seen on TV, on shows like Bible mysteries are as lost as jobs goat. while no man knows the day or the hour, it is interesting to note that Israel has a feast/celebration that no man knows the day or the hour. An assigned Rabbi looks at the sunset and declares this feast.He declares rasshashanna! This could be the time Jesus referred to but we don't know. I would love to buy some of these so called great teachers for what they know, and be able to sell them for what they think they know. As I told you before Christians are marked the moment of salvation. We don't see it, but God does, the angels see it and so does Satan and the demons too. the reference in Revelations refers to the 144000 Jews saved. When the rapture takes place they will search the Torah and find not one word on it. Then they will turn to the new testament and find Christ. It may also refer to those saved after the rapture. Those I think Paul referred to as though saved by fire.In Job God asked sat en where have you been? satan replies going back and forth in the earth seeking whom I may devour. marks. Tom many have a background like ours and have killed in war, in their past. Can you imagine the temptation on those Christians like us if the man of sin were revealed? Knowing what this man will do to humanity, and those saved during the great tribulation? I believe in a rapture before the man of sin is revealed. In fact the little horn of Daniel, the antichrist, suffers a great head wound but is miraculously healed. when the rapture comes, He who with holds evil in the earth, the Holy Spirit, won't be concerned with the true church any longer. It has gone to be with God. The mission of the church is to edify the saints, care for widows and orphans, and to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ. it never had the command to with hold evil in the earth, and it never has.with held evil in the earth either. What we do know is that we can trust God. God determines the time and manner of His servants death. Matthew 28:18 is a verse that should always be included with the great commission. It says: and Jesus came unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in Heaven and Earth.KJV. I have found that the little word ALL is one of the most important words in scripture. There's one that will change your prayer life, and ease any concern about the last days we are living now. God bless you and yours Tom. ... Jim Hood
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