Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lordship Salvation.

Tom's Journal.

I know that I have to 'handle' this subject with tact so as not to 'wound' certain folks, but I can rely on my own life experience so I don't appear to point fingers.  Born into Catholicism and attending a parochial school in Milwaukee, I was never really sure if I would ever get to heaven according to our beliefs.  That was kind of scary when a young guy is in danger and combat... as I could have easily got killed and gone to hell forever.  How I survived all that plus a few bad accidents in the next 35 years is a mystery to me.. but God had SOME reason to save me and 'get me Saved.'  It certainly wasn't because I was a "good man."  

Well, after we do finally learn the real truth of the Bible-- being so blessed, it's not too hard to get angry at FALSE RELIGION that has led so many millions of people to hell, mostly for their greed and lust for power over others and filthy gain $$.  In the same vein, we have to exercise patience and long suffering in our waiting for the Lord to come and Rapture us Believers, because we might very well have been headed to hell just a few short years ago when we were NOT  born-again Christians!  That is why my wishful thinking and desire to go to heaven now to relieve my pain must be tempered with love for all those who need to hear the Gospel and get Saved before God starts to put His 'hammer to work!'  Whether it's a cult like the JW's or Mormons, or some 'main line' religion that has been around for centuries, it's all the same.  Teaching stuff that is un- scriptural is pure apostasy and dangerous to one's spiritual health.  Yet most folks will continue to cling to their false religion until they are in hell.

Do you want to do something about this??  Learn how to hand out easy to understand Bible Tracts and share the Gospel.  Are not your friends worth it?


Posted: 19 Mar 2011 07:27 AM PDT
By Dr. Andy Woods Sugar Land Bible Church Lordship Salvation is the idea that an unbeliever must commit all areas of his life to Christ as a condition for being saved. Another way of articulating Lordship Salvation is, “if Jesus is not Lord of all then He is not Lord at all.” Lordship Salvation began to significantly enter the American evangelical community in the 1980’s through the ministries of

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