Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rep. M. Bachman.

Tom's Journal.

I was almost done spell checking and proof reading my last post, about Death, being but a door or gate to everlasting life-- in one place of another [all my own words and thoughts], and then struck a wrong key, and lost it shucks!  But I found something even more interesting.   I have always liked and admired this lady, Rep. Michele Bachman, but I didn't know that she was such a strong, well studied Christian, unafraid to tell the truth straight out with out fear!  She puts most of the men in America to shame.  We all need to hear this, and I support her words in this post 110%!

I plan to see Sharon again in the morning for another game of chess and visiting/ chat.  This has been the longest, loneliest Winter that I can remember!  My dad used to tell me: 'Never be a quitter' and so me thinks it would be foolish to give up the ship when things could start erupting any time.  Another prospective is that right now, things in the world are EXCITING!  That was the same mindset I had while in combat: 68-70 -- the 'addictive thrill of danger'... and I know that MOST of you guys will think I am crazy [and the VA too...]... lol.  but after I got home, I needed to 'replace' that thrill with something-- and it turned out to be motorcycles, and latter the Bible. 

Posted: 10 Mar 2011 08:56 AM PST
By August Rosado Today in Bible Prophecy Ministries US Rep Michele Bachman hit the nail on the head when she went to bat for Israel, and warned of serious consequences for America. She called Obama "a Gangster" because of his failed Mid-East policies, and Anti-Israel attitude. She refused to withdraw her comments and stand by her statements. She said she has respect for the Torah, the first five

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Carolyn said...

Conservative Women are pretty and smart. What a combo :-) Tom, I know you agree- too bad the men in Washington don't have the cajones that women like Bachman and Palin have. It's nice though to see a few more CHRISTIAN reps who aren't afraid to show their Christian beliefs by what they do and say. A nice change from most of Washington who don't understand us Bible believing, gun clinging yokels. I pray they will know the saving Grace of Christ before time is out. God Bless Tom- have a good chess game tomorrow :-)