Monday, April 25, 2011

Dwelling on Past Mistakes.

Tom's Journal.

The below short article was a 'biggie' for me, and the reason I am posting it is because I know that many others lose sight of the biblical reality of this truth that bears repeating.  

I just read the Milwaukee morning News on-line to see all the violence and shootings last night, etc.  I expect this to happen when Springtime and Summer are here and all the cockroaches come out of the wood work.  And there will be plenty of house fires now too as the Energy Companies shut off the heat for those bums who don't pay their bills all Winter, so they start fires in the kitchen sink or use the oven to heat the house....duh.  What I am getting at is that we can EXPECT to see more violence and it WON'T get better!  This is depressing, but we must keep our "eyes on the prize!"  So much for 'Easter Sunday'...

For this reason,  it's so important to help others of like Faith/ Believers, besides sharing the Gospel of salvation to others in the world.  But we must also stand next to Jesus Christ and study the Word daily to remain strong.  A constant supply of good 'food' --Scripture is the best cure for the blues and depression, IMHO.  
   Well, my daughter, Barb, is here now to help and visit with me.  Got to go


Q. Like you, I believe in my heart that the rapture is very near.  While I know that the best of this life cannot begin to compare with what the Lord has prepared for us, and am excited about His soon return, I find myself at the same time depressed over the wasted time, misplaced [...]

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