Sunday, April 3, 2011

A letter from Walt Weber's daughter.

Tom's Journal.

 I am passing along a great letter from my friend's daughter, Barb, who gave me a few more details of Walter Weber's health condition, former helicopter door gunner of the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company] - BearCat, Vietnam: 69-70, with whom I proudly served with at the same time in 'Nam.  You might say that we both belong to an 'exclusive club' that has a very strong 'bond of brothers.'  We might have differences of opinions, argue, fight and joke a lot-- but we will always remain brothers-- with real love and concern for each other.  What really excites me is when I hear that some of these brothers also become my 'Brothers in CHRIST !'  Then we shall meet again in Heaven when we die-- if we don't get Raptured before that.  So it's a double joy, and I so enjoy their emails, phone calls and company!  Thank all my friends on FB who offered prayers and kind words too!
    Thank You, Lord, for letting me serve with perhaps the finest helicopter outfit in Vietnam, the 240th AHC, and allowing MOST of us to return home to the USA and praise Your holy name!   Please heal our friend and brother, Walter Weber, if it be Your will.  Amen.

Tom Schuckman


This is Walt Weber's daughter Barbara.  I cannot thank you enough for sending 
word to fellow 240th member Jim Hood about my dads condition.  Jim is here at 
the hospital with us right now after he made a 200 mile journey to get here.  He 
hasn't seen my dad in 40 years and remembered my dad well.   To do something like 
that.. Get in your vehicle and drive a distance to see someone you haven't 
uttered a word to in 4 decades is amazing.  Hearing some of the old stories and 
also having the support from another 240th brother means so much and has helped 
us to stay positive.  We started video taping Jim from my sisters laptop while 
he was talking to show dad when he comes out of this... From one Christian to 
another I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  About an hour after Jim got 
here (about 15 minutes ago) I went in to see my dad and My dad opened his eyes 
for the first time in 4 days and when he saw me and recognized me he started to 
cry.  We don't want him too upset due to his blood pressure so we stepped out for 
a few moments and I decided to write you.  He's in rough shape and in a lot of 
pain.  He is not out of the clear at this point.. The power of prayer and faith 
in the Lord has gotten me and my sisters through and will carry us forward.  I 
just wanted you to know how much it means and how impactful your getting the 
word out has been.  Thank you so much.  

Barbara Weber

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