Friday, May 20, 2011

Case in Point.

Tom's Journal.

CASE IN POINT:    Here is an older pic of pastor Wayne Bielgard, from RBC, with my wife, Sharon.

As we all know, there are myriads of "good" causes that we can debate, get involved with, champion, support, donate, etc, etc, and all is well.  The few statements, part my my personal  'base camp'/ mind set, and foundation/ principle seat of understanding/ wisdom, is:  that I ought to seek the main Priority of what the Bible says:  Sanctify God's holy name, seek Him always, and share the GOSPEL.  I love to tie things up in a simple bow, because most of the Bible is written on a 5th grade level and for the common man to understand.... if you have the Holy Spirit to help and guide you.  However, "The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God." ~ 1 Cor. 3:19.  Those who CLAIM to be righteous and cloak themselves with the buzz word, "Christian" will be found out and laid  naked for all to see in the 'End Times.'  I am NOT talking about past sins that we all forgiven when we first confessed Jesus and asked for forgiveness when we were Saved.   It's even hard for me to plan ahead too far, because I feel that things will shortly start rolling with all speed.  And Hey!-- How about the Prez looking to steal more of Israel's property/ land when they barely have enough buffers now to defend-- AGAINST MOST OF THE WORLD??  Those politicians don't know that they are playing with open cans of gas and loaded guns!  

Friends, this only tells me one thing, hunker down, pray and keep sharing the Gospel with what ever strength we have left.  FORGET everything else!  In the near future, if we pay our bills and keep some food on the table, we will be doing just fine, while other parts of the world starve because of greedy, powerful rulers and very poor policies.  Actually, I think that we [America] might be the "last man standing."

I constantly have to readjust my own thinking and slap my face with Aqua Velva, but being Saved means that the Spirit will poke us when we run arye... and off course.  So, guys and gals, brothers and sisters, the usual politicking will certainly side track many of us, stealing precious time to study and pray. But realistically, a new different Prez would be nice-- but will he or she really change things so that we don't fall like Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, etc.?  Only God can straighten things out, and right now-- ISRAEL IS THE CENTER OF THE WORLD!  What could happen there any time now, will change the whole world in a large way.  But don't take my humble work for it-- go read it for yourself.  Many Christians believe that the Rapture could come shortly after God wins the next war for Israel. 

Good friends from church, Christine and Patrick Busler are making another Lasagna for me this week end... Thank you very much!  And my sister, Linda, will be my "next of kin." --If i don't make it thru surgery, and that's OK with me too. And all the ladies I contact near by who just don't have the time to JUST chat or enjoy a steak dinner with me... I think that God is sending me a distinct message to avoid such kind-- that perhaps the end IS that close... so i should not dirty myself...  sorry if I offend some folks, but now is the time when I need someone to talk to in person, in my area...Wisconsin.  Lord knows I have enough on my plate now...
And in all probability, I prob won't go in for surgery for Left knee for a few weeks or even months, IMHO... so save your prayers for others who are in worse shape than I am.  I will keep you all in touch with my progress.

Thank you-- Be safe.


I found this quite interesting and now on my next trip to Barnes & Nobel will make "An American Amnesia" my next purchase. 

For those who may be interested:
What Really Happened with Viet Nam!
5 Minute video
The truth! Finally!!! But don’t expect to see it broadcast or released anywhere… it would embarrass the Congress. Observe which Party controlled the Congress at the tim


Heli gunner Tom said...

From a fellow Vet friend, Jimmy:

If you can have it done on the outside by all means do it!!!!!! a friend of mine was examined at the Columbia SC VA hospital. The doc said exactly this, well Terrell you know that the only help is knee replacement but if I were you, I damn sure wouldn't get it done here. The doc made arrangements for Terrell to have it done out side the VA. He did fine but he told a friend of his what the doctor said but his friend had it done at the VA hospital. Terrell told me he ain't had nothing but trouble!

Carolyn said...

Tom, I find it an absolute disgrace how you guys have been treated by our govment. Not just Viet Nam vets, but also older more frail vets whom doctors seem to have an attitude that they're so old, what's the point of wasting our time. It's disgusting. I do hope you find a good doc somewhere if you can't find it from the VA. What kills me too is that most civilians who are ecstatic about obamaamonination "care" is that our vets are getting crappy care for all they (and you) have done in sacrificing for our country, the govment can't take care of y'all, so what makes them think the govment can take care of the rest of us?! Ah well, I too am sick of politics and wish I could be blissfully ignorant of all things political. Only problem is, is where there is so much ignorance, we get "leaders" like the marxist thug we have now, and besides, much of politics, I see Biblical anyway. I'm sure I've lost more than a few friends and alienated enough family members for my political persuasions as much as my Biblical perspective.
Good Message though Tom, thank you for being a voice in the wilderness. Not many of us left it seems, and with your soldiering background, you get to the point a lot quicker which is a Great thing! God Bless you Tom.