Saturday, May 21, 2011

Destroy the "Inner-ring."

Tom's Journal.

'You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd...'  - that old song goes... 'but you can be happy if you've a mind to!' [Roger Miller?]  There are some things that just cannot happen in this world.  Why?  The Bible says so!  I was so proud of Mr. Netanyahu standing his ground against our clown in the WH.  And as we SHOULD know from simple Bible study, Genesis 12:3, that there is a stiff penalty/ curse involved with selling, trading, sharing any land that the Lord God gave to ancient Israel-- because God made that lasting covenant with Israel for ALL TIME!  And ALL America will suffer if we[collectively] are guilty of 'cursing' or hurting Israel in any way.  Remember that the MAJORITY of America elected their Messiah, Obama, and therefore bear SOME responsibility.  

Well, obama and most of our politicians couldn't understand the Bible if they read it 100 times over-- because they are not true Believers, not Saved, and don't have the Holy Spirit -- that brings discernment.  I can say this without reservations because I know the Bible that well.  I teach and share the Gospel all the time, anywhere I go, because it's my JOB as a Christian to do just that!  You don't have to talk to a person very long to figure out if they are a true Christian Believer or not, because red flags go up when their total ignorance and pride become as visible as a fire in the night... lol.  It's not about being pure, sinless or holy-- we are all sinners, but Believers have that special, exclusive relationship with Jesus Christ having confessed our sins and received forgiveness, as we aspire to do better while constantly taking in more knowledge so we can serve our Master in Heaven.  Sorry.. this explanation is actually TOO SIMPLE for the proud to understand.  

But even as we believe that the Rapture could come very soon, we ought to be prepared to die any time-- accidents happen, and eternity is but a heart beat away.  Perhaps we older people think about death too often-- but we are surrounded by death every day, and have lost loved ones.  My mind is still messed up from my personal loss, and it's hard for me to run my affairs right now.  

A close friend, Bill Tippett came over to help me today with his 2 fine children, and they loved my Rottweiler, 'Deuce.'  He is a very smart man and helped me with a number of things today-- and he was also a member of my old 240th AHC- Army unit in Vietnam.  If we combat Veterans don't take care of each other-- WHO WILL??  Thanks, Bill.

I am selling my '05 Dodge Grand Caravan, only 42K miles, in CraigsList and already got 4 nibbles, and I will have to call them back tomorrow.  I have so much to do in so little time, looking to have surgery again, but don't know how fast I can get in line.

I pray for Israel-- not the Gov't, but the people, that they may know the true Messiah, Jesus.  And for Jerusalem too.  Great article below:


Posted: 21 May 2011 02:37 PM PDT
By Chris Schang The Rapture Report Over the last couple of days both U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been at odds of Obama's recent speech declaring that Israel should withdraw to the "1967 lines" in order to help push the peace process forward. Netanyahu for his part responded with a resounding "No!" that has left the atmosphere between

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