Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did Jesus Drink Wine?

Tom's Journal.

It's no secret that many 'Christian' preachers love to push their own private agenda/ beliefs by 'making their own rules' into "Laws" just like the ancient Pharisees in Jesus' time.  I have know a few nice Baptist pastors whom I liked --but insisted in keeping this hang up-- total prohibition of wine/ spirits in their 'ministry.'  Yes!  it's true that alcohol has claimed and broken so many marriages /lives, etc., -- been abused by many and perhaps led many to hell.   But then, so do cars, trucks, motorcycles, mules and horses, boats and jet skis,snowmobiles, etc., kill thousands on our American roads/ fields and water ways every year!  Since I can't buy a team of horses to carry me to and from my doctors' appointments and shopping when I need to, I will continue to own and drive my spacious, comfortable 2007 Dodge Ram 4 by 4, until I can afford something better that doesn't get stuck in the Wisconsin snow.  And the rest of you green meanies can buy your gas efficient obama- hy-breds and such that get such great mileage... lol.  

Anyway, as for me, I choose to put my trust and faith in the DEFINED KJV Bible, and the Old Scofield KJV Bible [planted in my hand by a close friend in South Carolina, Jimmy Hood, another crew chief/ gunner from my old 240th AHC outfit--  of Vietnam vintage]  which I believe is the most pure, accurate Textus Receptus, rendition of God's Word.   I hardly drink any alcohol AT ALL these days, and that suits me just fine, because I want to be in control of all my senses-- in my old age of 62... lol. However, if a Christian cares to have a glass or two of good wine [or beer] with his Lasagna or Prime Rib, he has that biblical RIGHT!! 

We don't want to be Pharisees now, do we?  Why don't we all stick to what is written in God's Word. 
OK, Back to bed-- with a sore, swollen ankle and knee.  Business in the morning... more PT- TIGER!   
Serious Comments ?? 
This is just ONE reason/ objective [ picture down below-- "The Archer"- 1989] why I 'punish myself' on the 'limited fruit diet-- and water' that I have been on for the last 10 days.  I lost about 30 pounds, feel better, and have another 100 pounds or more--to go.  Some other reasons are:  'I don't want my new 'bionic knees' to burn out too fast...'    I request your prayers, please.  PTL.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman  
Q. I had a discussion about Jesus and wine drinking with a fellow sister-in-Christ today.  She said that Jesus did not actually drink alcoholic wine, but only ‘fruit of the vine’.  And that since wine is alcoholic and therefore is inebriating, Jesus would not drink that and neither should we.   So, my question is, Did [...]


Carolyn said...

Tom, I'm not a drinker either, but I know a lot of good folks who like to have adrink once in a while, and don't get drunk. It's like everything, in moderation. I do believe that wine (not grape juice) was in the Bible, even though some good Baptist preachers would disagree. When Jesus turned water into wine, the "host" of the wedding mentioned to the bridegroom, most people serve the good wine first and save the plain wine for later, but you brought out this best wine later. Why would he say this if it was grape juice? The custom was to bring out the best wine first, so when most of the guests got tipsy, they wouldn't notice later the cheap wine. Again, if it were just plain old grape juice it wouldn't matter much would it? Great post though, and I hope you're swelling goes down and you're back to better shape!! :0) God Bless you Tom!

Greybeard said...

Amen, brother.
To assume their positions as Deacons, men in our Church take an oath that they believe every word of the Bible is literally true, yet will then turn around and make the "Fruit of the vine" argument. One of them was a man so morbidly obese he couldn't walk up the steps to the Church without stopping to catch his breath.
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