Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does God use the Weather?

Tom's Journal.

I have 'modified' my understanding of the Bible's view of God sending harsh weather to punish people after reading a recent article.  God has used the Flood/ Deluge of Noah/s time to destroy human flesh on earth-- but we know that God will NOT use that method again.  The truth as I see it now is that Jesus refers to Satan [in the book of John] 4 times as the 'god of this system/ this world' and that nasty old devil loves to see human misery.  And other places too.   God does choose to effect His grand ultimate PURPOSE in protecting His Church on earth, so that means He does have a part in the weather patterns and such.   We must also remember GENESIS 12:3 and the curse that rebounds upon those who harm, steal from, or curse God's chosen people-- ISRAEL.   Let's say that our God of the Bible "allows" Satan to wreak some havoc in the 'End Days', as we are seeing right now-- as a prelude to what Bible prophecy predicts will happen in the Great Tribulation. 

I plan to add more scriptures to support my understanding of this subject in the near future.   But generally speaking, we are all suspect to natural things that go on on: earth, wind, rain and sun, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., and REAL biblical Christians hurt, suffer, bleed and sorrow like every other human-- EXCEPT that we have that heavenly hope being SAVED by the blood sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Anyone reading my blog posts, knows what the bible teaches on that subject of Salvation, right?!  

If some of my good readers think I should change my Blog a little bit or deal with a different subject-- just email me:

Good buddy and combat Vet, Bill Tippett is over at my humble house right now helping me out with a few things.  Bill is my very trusted friend that I rest my life on in case I die prematurely, on the surgeon's table, or otherwise, and am getting my Wills in order right now before the day of the knife.  I covet your prayers now and in the future recovery, and I would personally fall flat on my face if i didn't have the Lord, and the Holy Spirit to strengthen me!  

Even so, I well know that there are MILLIONS of other people in the world who have it much worse than I do, especially those with out the Lord and His divine Word, the Bible.  I pray that I can have a clear mind right now to take care of priority interests and preparations-- to get all my 'ducks in a row.'  Pray for my dear Mom, sisters Linda, Susan, Joe vander Mullen and his wife Doris, Steve Brulport and Robb Bohnen, some of my closer friends.
    I am on a modified Fast without food right now until I get on Rehab, after the knife-- got to lose weight and get all the toxins out of my big body.  You should ONLY attempt a Fast after you do all the research on it by reading the right books.  You MUST DRINK LOTS OF WATER to irrigate your kidneys-- or they will fail!  You must end your fast the correct way-- by eating small portions [I light to use greens, small salads, spinach, etc.] and never big hard core meals, like beef steak, etc, that could plug up your intestines and possibly kill you!   Best to look up and read all about this subject on your own, or see you health care specialist.  Use your computer!!  Use your brain... lol. 

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