Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texual Criticism.

Tom's Journal.

For those who love to dig deep and get the whole meaning/ story, here is an excellent Link!! 

Well, folks, The heat outside is sub-tropical, IMHO, to day and will last all thru the night and into tomorrow.  No matter how you  cut it, the USA is really experiencing some violent, creepy weather patterns that I personally have not seen for most of my life-- and bang-bang-bang, one right after another!  Can't wait till the hurricane season!!  

I been having some problems with my so-called FAST [not eating] - just water, meds, vitamins and a few herbs.  I got so dizzy this morning at the hospital for tests, more x-rays, and I saw and heard my own heart beating with the 'echo-cardiogram.'  and met some nice gals there too.   Some staff there are so dead- headed and air-headed that they have to detach their simple mindedness of girly talk with their co-workers and come back down to earth and their JOB... lol!  So I have to play their silly over medicated girly games to get down to the business at hand--- Opps, now we have to get back to reality and WORK.. OH NO!!  But other gals are sharp as a tack and very pleasant and professional.  The men, doctors, and male staff are more business minded and alert... sorry.  I'd be very willing to take a polygraph test to prove my point-- I am telling the truth!   Well, anyway, I got very dizzy a few times and my knees wanted to buckle while the tech took pix of my heart/ chest... and I suppose part of it was the un-usually hot/ humid weather, in the 90's.  I had a hard time just walking and putting my power scooter back into the truck!   But not eating real food could also factor in the equation.  Shame on me-- I got some Popeye's chicken-- Lord forgive me....


This is a very interesting video on Textual Criticism.  If you like these videos, contact Jim Brown and he will send you for free the entire set of Dvd's on the subject.  Actually, he will send you any of the dvds for free.

P.O. Box 1109
TN, 37077


Telephone:     Local: (615) 824-8502
                        Toll Free: (800) 625-5409      

There are a total of six videos I believe and as we watch them here at Chronicle Watch, we will post them.  They are all packed with information and have a run time of about 1hr 40 min.  Grab a cup of coffee, a pen and paper and concordance and just get ready to learn.

Like we always tell you however, always test everything against the scriptures to see if what is said is true.   This man has a definite wealth of knowledge.

Textual Criticism: An Introduction

Textual Criticism #9001: An Introduction
Textual Criticism #9001: An Introduction to the Greek Alphabet – False Translation of Blood – Plural ( John 1:13 ) And Blood Singular (Rev. 15)
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Also, here are two other videos are two different topics that are worth watch.

The 70 Weeks: Revelation / Daniel

The 70 Weeks: Revelation / Daniel #2306
The First three decrees – Ezra Brings Back the third decree and finds Israel intermarrying with the Idolatrous worshipers of the land.
This is a very interesting study.

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