Saturday, July 9, 2011

Escape from the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

I escaped from KMH-Kenosha Hospital again, and I am really beginning to hate it there because it represents the loss of my FREEDOM in more ways than one...  Call me what you will, but I love to study things, and people [in light of what the scriptures point out-- as fact, and wisdom].  The Bible tells me what a Christian should be and how to strive towards such a goal as a child of God, Soldier of Christ, and the Bible also tells us how/ why unbelievers are so full of themselves, so proud, arrogant, and vain, greedy and lusting for power to dominate others all the time and lord it over-- and what a filthy, ratty, bag of holes! 'Man has dominated man-- to his injury!'   This also includes a certain class of doctors who abuse their limited spectrum of "power" over others/ patients, with many in the medical profession who want the 'common masses' to THINK that medicine is a 'finite, absolute science' when it is NOT!  Many doctors have a hard time finding the humility to admit that they DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, and they make mistakes,  but prefer to BS their way around a subject so as not to appear ignorant in front of their patients when they don't know the real answer or cause to something, such as a disease, sickness, ailment, infection, etc!!  They may even try to make the patient feel as if he/ she is somehow culpable for the injury!  In fact, they don't like a smart client/ patient!  A 'low grade' staph infection may not even be the culprit that the docs wanted it to be in the final analysis in my case this past week, but now they think the problem may be 'psoriatic arthritis' or some other things... so they used a "shot gun"b approach -- mixed treatment on me to "wing it."  

One doctor had so little respect for me that he woke me out of a sound sleep two nights in a row at 10:30 and 11:00 PM instead of coming at regular working hours [claimed he was "too busy"]!  I strongly corrected him last night.  I will not be abused!  And this is why you need a GOOD POA [power of attorney], and  patient advocate, who is not too lazy or undependable.  Then again, sometimes the doctors don't want people to "know too much" so they can cover things up and not be accountable.  I fired one GP last week.

I am home again now, and aim to stay home this time.  I may speak more on this latter.
I am so tired-- after finally eating some REAL Nourishing Food a few minutes ago!!  Wow!  I am also afraid to blow my own nose for fear of bleeding to death for all the Rat Poison the hospital was forcing into my veins this past week [Cumatin, and Warfarin]!  "Better living through Chemistry."   --Ha!


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