Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Grand child is Precious in God's Sight.

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This a great morning that the Lord has made!  Seems like I already got so much done early before 1100 AM:  Paid $210 for a new driver's side front truck tire-- mounted, and may have to get new shocks and alignment later..., got the dog's toes nails trimmed - $15, and have to take him back for more trimming in 3 weeks-- as he grows so fast.  I visited my Mom yesterday in person, and that is giving my legs and knees plenty of 'exercise.'

My youngest daughter [and spiritually-- my only daughter] has just given birth to another lovely, healthy, beautiful baby girl, Grace Andi, yesterday around noon-ish and all is well in the Rockies!  PTL!  Also, please pray for my nephew, Joe Erwin, U.S. Army, who is getting shipped to the 'Sand Box' where the combat is, that he may come to know the Lord even better and study the Word that teaches salvation thru Christ alone!  I have pretty much adopted him and I am his 'Dutch Uncle'-- so ready to teach, share and comfort him with all the Scriptures I know from the past 30 years--all praise and honor to God Almighty.

Yes, these important things in our lives are shared by all of humanity and God loves ALL people who have a hunger for the real truth of the bible [John 3:16, etc]!  Salvation is available to any human being in the world, and yes, even the Muslim people, but they have to take a stand and learn about the only GOD of the Bible who will make Himself manifest soon.  Sometimes that very act means instant death to them in oppressive lands of the Middle East.  So there is a time constraint that all studied, mature, serious Christians know and understand.  Now is the time to wake people up and expose them to the Word. See:  biblefortoday.org
  Would it not be a pity if those close and dear got Left Behind' because we were too cowardly to at least TALK to them or hand them a simple Bible Tract about Jesus Christ! ? !

As you see, I am NOT letting my humble house go to pot, but had it painted a deep, rich color of BLUE last year, and paid my son, Andy, well for his fine, hard work!  I try to keep my white, Dodge Ram 4 by 4 up and in good repair, so I can be safe on the road, and my dog's nails clipped and his shot record up to date too.  As I have said so many times, studied, mature Christians are in this biblical 'lifestyle' for the long haul, forever!  We will not 'set any dates' in the future or opinions on when the Rapture/ Lord will come  to "take us up to heaven" -- but we know the "Season" and that is NOW!  Go figure:  If people knew the actual date and time... they could party like/ with the devil, and then on the last week, clean up their act and pretend to be holy and proper.  Some actually do that stuff right now.. lol!  But can we really fool or trick God almighty?  There are things, like a relationship with some lady, or buying something new and expensive [brand new truck or cargo van -- new house?] that I don't really need-- that would be nice, but I know [and so does the Lord] that such a relationship/ material/ carnal  things would take away too much time and resources from my ministry of sorts, consume time, and possibly  add much extra stress, cost to my life, which is not what I ought to be doing right now, IMHO.  Besides, who wants an over weight, fat man, disabled, age 62, grey, who must walk with a cane, 30.5 year Chrysler retiree and Disabled Vietnam Veteran??  Ha!  I will just continue to pay off my bills, lose more weight, help others, the church, missionaries,  and hand out/ share Bibles, and Bible Tracts, and teach hungry, honest people the Bible, and salvation thru our Lord, Jesus Christ, in these end times... unless the Lord tells/ shows me something different. 

I just might check out the Racine [WI] County Fair sometime this week as I usually do/ did, most of my life to see the farm animals [my teenage farm days on Dad's farm and the 4-H club I used to belong to].  I hope my power scooter runs OK so I don't get stranded.  I seem to be caught up with most house hold duties and obligations today-- went to bed so early yesterday, and had breakfast this morning at the local restaurant, instead of my usual fruit and water diet.  
Time to check the mail and then go outside to read and catch some sun rays for my skin and health.

Warm Regards,
... or would you all like to have snow up to your ears in Milwaukee, many years ago ???  Ha!

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

Tom, thanks for your comment on facebook. I love your journal, you sound like a great guy! Congratulations on your new granddaughter, I hope you get to go see her soon or she comes to see you! Praying for your nephew who will be going overseas. May God keep him safe. I feel too that the day of the Lord is at hand. The more evil and corruption I see in this world convinces me more and more.