Monday, October 24, 2011

Abort, Abort.

Tom's Journal.

 I guess we could all joke, laugh and hoot about my day at the "Planet of the Apes" this morning [VAMC- North Chicago]... the procedure was aborted when they discovered that my stool was not crystal, clear, clean, so we didn't do the camera up the back side today, Colonoscopy.  The Doctor/ surgeon told  me that it was NOT my fault, but next time we will do a few days with out food before the cleansing treatment times two days.  I was so constipated that the  goo-goo, gunk water didn't clean me out enough-- how ever... I scaled up and was happy to see another 20 pounds gone!!!  Now, at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  PTL.
     So I came home to celebrate by having a Spanish omelet, and then drove to Burlington to visit with my Mom for a while, came home and let Deuce the Rotty outside, and now catching up with my email, etc.  Am looking forward to tomorrow!  Smile, Tommy, Smile!
       A good, kind,  friend from MN told me that it's alright to be 'discriminating' as far as picking whom I date, and that's sound about right anyway.  I don't date SMOKERS, drug addicts,  people who outweigh me 10 to 1, atheists/ agnostics, etc....   but the woman doesn't have to be drop dead beautiful either.  Average looks, and good brains will do just fine.  Having been in a few relationships-- I don't ever want to repeat something bitter and cruel.  People fault me for re-marrying again, but my ex-wife  just moved from man to loser and just shacked up all these years  with numerous men [and told me that she doesn't even believe in God anymore!!]  and she will NEVER be happy!   But she never was that bright sorry. I seldom even think about her  --- but I do honestly believe that a person can make a few mistakes, repent, turn around from evil and start anew by studying the Scriptures and keeping the nose to the grindstone, trying to be a Christian.  You can't lose with that equation!  Even if I never find another compatible woman-- it won't be that bad.  I found the secret, and know for a fact that I AM SAVED and going to heaven!  Not because I am a "good person" but because I have accepted  the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Savior, and try to follow His way.  Period.  I still have to confess my sins every night before going to sleep.  Besides, I just might be a little off balance mindset in my latest thing about poor old me-- Mr. Lonely.  After all, don't I have plenty to be thankful for, enough $$$$  to pay off, pay on my bills and debts and still invest a little??  And just think how much more ill I would be trapped with 'dog from Hades' in a horrible marriage? 

Oh, what a splendid, warm, SUNNY day, so fine with pretty Autumn colors.  It rained and thundered last night, and that's when I sleep good!  But my dog still has nightmares and PTSD  [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, --for all you civilians --Ha!] from New Orleans- Katrina, and he usually sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed, taking care of his master, Tom.  I am strict with him, but I cherish and treat him well.  I was raised on a small beef and grain farm in Racine County and taught never to abuse any animal.  I remember the day Papa had to shoot our family dog, Duke,  because he got run over by a car, and was in dire pain and agony, dying... and I am my father's son.   I wish my dearest son, Andy, were still around using all the knowledge and wisdom I taught him...  he was a fine, handsome, hard working, educated gentleman.

Well, I am 'off the hook' for a while, but will have to reschedule another procedure in the future, and lose more weight and pump iron in the time being.  Now the day is pretty much shot, and time to kick back and relax watching the Fox News.  
     Bill Tippett and family, I am so happy that 'your ship has come in to port!!!'  God bless you and your fine family,and thank you for riding 'shotgun' today even our mission was aborted.   See you latter. 

Q.  When talking about salvation what are the absolutes one has to believe to be saved?  Is there a difference between somebody who refuses to believe Jesus is God and somebody who may accept Jesus as their savior and tragically dies that night without full understanding of who Jesus is? A.  In order to be [...]
Q.  What do I say to a  believer who doesn’t believe that God speaks to men today? A.  God doesn’t speak through officially appointed prophets in the same way He did in Old Testament times, because He has spoken His complete message to man through His Son (Hebrews 1:1-2).  But while hearing the audible voice [...]


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