Friday, October 21, 2011

All about Lawlessness.

Tom's Journal.

Tonight I have posted a power packed article  by one of my fav. writers/ Christians, Hal Lindsey!  I think he is a master at  bringing the real truth out in a very clear way, and this post interlaces the same things I have been pounding on --my own drums of war.  Thank you, Hal.  

I had the pleasure of entertaining a nice lady in my house after her work in IL was over today, and we had some pizza, talked, visited, and I had the chance to witness to her about the Bible, Salvation, the Holy Spirit and how to really know that you are 'Saved' and going to heaven!!  And she told me that she never heard this stuff before!!! Thank you, Lord, for permitting me to carry on your righteous work of sharing the Gospel with many in the world, and we left as friends, just as I said we would.   God has seen fit to use me as a 'tool' to spread the Good News of the Gospel and the Mercy of God the Father by giving His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, so we don't have to get "Left Behind" and suffer in a post Rapture, ungodly world of violence and terror... the Great Tribulation!  

I might have been looking for a little romance to cure my loneliness, but the Lord had other plans that surely TRUMPED mine... lol.  'Nothing could be finer than to be on my recliner sharing pizza.  Nothing could be finer than to read the Holy Bible to the lady.'  I confess that:  'ours is not to ponder why-- ours is but to share the Gospel High.'

I will confess that parts of the bible that show what must definitely go down in the very near future are a bit un-nerving, and scary, and they ought to be!  The Trib. will be a nightmare  far outweighs  the bad dreams that PTSD combat Veterans from  Vietnam heaps on soldiers who have seen and experienced too much when "we were young-- we were soldiers."  In fact, I personally think that combat Vets make some of the finest, worthy Christians because they can understand the raw-ness of war, suffering and deprivation and figure out what the urgency is all about right now in sharing the truth of the Rapture and the die nightmares to follow!  And I think that we are regimented enough to take our godly mission seriously and share this timely warning, far and wide. 

Even though the humidity may have made my joints and body ache more today, I have a good feeling that I accomplished something good today, and praise the Lord ever more.

I will start Fasting tomorrow in preparation for the 'wonderful procedure' I must go through early next week in the North Chicago VAMC [Veteran's Administration Medical Center].  Another friend has promised me to drive me back afterwards back home, as the VA says I may be dizzy from the meds that will knock me out.  I care for all my close friends, and try to re-pay them in like manner, or when they need something special from me.  Bill T., you can 'stand down' as I have sought to take some stress and responsibility  off you, and another will fill in for you, but thanks just the same, brother.  I am fearful that your own health concerns plague you at this time.  Take care.

Warm Regards,

Sharon enjoyed her steaks when I grilled them outside...
I miss her so much... and maybe I will see her soon. 

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 10:16 AM PDT
By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report A recurring theme used in the Bible to describe the state of man in the last days is "lawlessness." Now, I know that "lawlessness" as referred to on many occasions in the Bible means much more than small-time hoods knocking over liquor stores or mafia dons running numbers and prostitution rings. I believe the "lawlessness" that is prophesied to

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