Thursday, October 20, 2011

At least I am moving forward.

Tom's Journal.

Blue man group Berlin music awards- Drum Bone - YouTube

I've just got to share, that I bought 2 fine pairs of dress pants to be worn with a sport coat, to church, or what ever, to be tailored at the shop, down town Kenosha, WI -- OFF THE RACK, for the first time in years!!!  Wow!  that made my day!  And also got another 5 things done before heading home. Bought a printer/scanner and a LifeCam Cinema Microsoft 'WebCam' at Best Buy, in Racine... and hope it's "friendly" enough for an old plow boy to install.  I got another sun tan for $6., but my back was aching too much for a work out at the Gym, in town.
    I got home to find that the hound dog had barfed on the floor.... oh no! I have to clean that up.  And now, always in the evening when I am pretty worn out, and I seem to run out of steam, I just want to kick back and settle down.  It was that way when I was working too, had to get up at 0500 because the Chrysler assembly line started to move at 0600, and you've got to be at your station and ready to 'rock 'n roll !'  But you get used to it and it pays the bills and you can lift your head up with dignity because they pay a good wage and benefits-- for hard, quality work-- that MOST 'average men' cannot, or will not do...LOL!  
     I think my Mom is feeling blue, alone and depressed because she was forced to move to a higher rent apartment complex because the other place  she lived for many years refused to enforce the 'NO-SMOKING rule', and she was poisoned by cigarette smoke, etc. from the selfish, rats who refused to comply!!  I KNOW that I could have brought suit against those State sanctioned  apartment oinks, but she didn't want me to get involved.  Poor old Mom has a weak heart and didn't need any more stress.  Now she has to spend more money on a fixed income, because the other apartment manager didn't have spine to do the right thing!   I still might talk to an attorney, but I don't want to upset my 85 year old Mom, who is legally blind, who has done so much for me all my life.  I am a good faithful son, who knows his  sacred duty--'Honor your  father and mother.' 
    All of my friends are too sick, too injured, just had surgery, to come over and rub my aching back, and one fine lady from IL,  told me it's because I stay on the computer too long and don't sit right-- and I believe her.  
    I am feeling better, and am learning to take 'one day at a time', and not try to rush or push things faster than others can contend with.  I may be a slow learner-- but I do LEARN.   At least I am moving forward-- and not backward.  I don't yet know if I will shave  my Autumn  beard or grow a new full beard again this year.  I may know after tomorrow.  I am praying for some special friends who have asked me to just that-- and I realize that they have much stress, pain, and a super busy life.  Sometimes we purposely [or even subconsciously] weigh ourselves down so much, perhaps just to keep so busy so as not to be lonely-- and wonder why our love life won't blossom...  I have known many people like that who actually sabotage themselves to have a lame excuse why they are not truly happy, or have someone special in their lives.   Ha!  I've got enough of my own character flaws to keep myself occupied.   As long as I KNOW that the Bible promises me that I "AM SAVED-- AND GOING TO HEAVEN" when I die or get Raptured, I hope not to sweat the small stuff and get bent out of shape worrying about the 'fish that got away' ... and maybe I messed up and maybe I didn't.   However,  "The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."  1st Corinthians 3rd chapter, 19th verse-- in the New Testament, of God's own Word, the Bible.   And I have found that the Wisdom of the Bible will ALWAYS trump any human higher education, university, college, and what good will mere humans do with a 'sheep skin' if it won't get them into heaven??? The superior wisdom, understanding and knowledge from God's own Word far out- weighs anything man can ever devise or accomplish...  and I truly LOVED college and learning!!  And I mean no harm, or hurtful sentiment against those who seek to better themselves or accomplish something that will help one get ahead and support themselves.  I just sometimes question the mindset of thinking the Rapture is a long way off, and 'why polish the brass on a sinking ship--  the late, great, planet Earth.  But that's just my 2 cents worth and personal opinion.... sorry, folks, I meant no harm or disrespect.  i was just thinking that a "combined income" ought to satisfy most blessed people in the USA... BUT THEN AGAIN-- maybe not. Please forgive me to pushing my private thoughts, dear friends, and I probably got myself into deep doo- doo again.    I should always consider the other person's wants, needs and desires above my own-- but time will tell who is right...   
     "One man's gold is another man's garbage"  -- and what seems wrong or unlovable to one person, another will pick up, love and have a happy, fulfilling life with--[I mean a man, woman, mate, human being, who has the basics of life and is thankful for being loved back, respected and 'A word to the wise should be sufficient...', as my old High School Agriculture teacher [Mr. Loyd Frye] at Waterford H.S. always used to say.   'The Lord is my  Shepard.'  

Enjoy the 'Blue Man Group' Link, above!

Warm Regards,

Any Vet that was in Nam or even Korea can apply for being exposed to Agent Orange, Nam Vets just stepping off the plane they get 20%.   That's how bad it was and you seen that page I sent you about it.  It effects people different some of my buddies dies right after they returned home and some passed it on to their kids and some like me didn't show anything till almost 30 years then all at once but what ever apply get on the registry and NEVER let up on them.  They will jerk you around with all kind of stuff that it isn't really sure that there is anything wrong with AO, well they lie and have lied for many years and lives.  Let Steve know he is in my prayers and anything I can do to help him , you or any others about AO let me know.  There are a number of books online that can give you information and help also.  There is also a number Vet groups that can help use them they are good.  We need to stay on top of this because they are doing the same thing to Our Troops in the Middle East with all the garbage they are in also.  What a Country.....I couldn't even Vote or own a gun or buy a beer when they sent me over into hell's nest but by God's Grace I came home PTL!!
OH I had my colonoscphy  and other than the taste of the Go-Lax it wasn't as bad as a ....... OK it was bad but they were great and they did find 3 palupts they took out and I don't have to worry for about 3 to 5 years because of AO so I'm good unless the bio comes back bad then I just have a new adventure to look for.  You know the way I look at it any more is one day closer!  Paul said absent of the body present with the Lord so my gain.
Well have a bunch of email to do so off I go.....ho ho ho.....I always get into a Christmas spirit when it gets cold....hohoho


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