Monday, October 10, 2011

Blood of the Lamb.

Tom's Journal.

For some 'reason' I feel like I got a shot in the arm that has energized me enough to go back and study more --to seek guidance and wisdom after meeting a friend in Cedarburg, WI., and what a quaint, beautiful little town up North just  North of Milwaukee, loaded with various shops and boutiques that reminded me of Washington D.C. in the Georgetown section on a Sunday.  Sorry, I was getting so negative with gold diggers, selfish, greedy people from the recent past-- that I just about figured all the good, Christian people were gone in my lifetime.  I bet some of you are mindful of my fav. scripture:  "Iron sharpens Iron"  ~Proverbs 27:17.  Point:  When steel sharpens steel it is compared to one man sharpening another, especially a Christian individual-- two well read, studied Christians who know and apply their knowledge concerning the BOOK-- in the most special club/ fellowship/ brotherhood in the universe, with the Holy Spirit much alive and glowing in them!!   And it seems that there is never enough time in a day for those who care about each other.  And always on fire, Old Soldier Tom, I found again that prayer and cracking open the BOOK has calmed me down-- but also a new friend whom I respect so much, seems like I am a whole new man, thank you, Lord.    

Got to soak my Left foot and ankle soon with hot water and Epsom  salt to get the soreness out, and so more soreness don't set in.  That ought to help me big time!    Maybe I can heal up before my next NC-VAMC visit this week.  I am getting very tired of going down there with the long drive and hassle.  But that is also the day when I am supposed to be getting my fine Dodge Ram 4 by 4 back out of the shop!!  I may have to switch things around, and they, the VA, will just have to 'deal with it.'  Time to make some phone calls.   The air temp is: 56 degrees F. with a few clouds, but 'this is the day that the Lord has made.  We can rejoice and be glad in it,' ~Old church song.

What to eat, left over chicken,and I gave a piece to Deuce already, early this morning.   I don't have much of an appetite and maybe I can just eat a few pieces of fruit.

I need to pray for my nephews in combat in the Middle East, Joseph, etc.  My Mom has yet to adjust to her new apartment/ surroundings [she had to move from her place in Burlington, WI., where the management refused to enforce the NO SMOKING rule and was made sick from cigarette and other chemicals blown into the duct system, so she just left, because at the advanced age of 85 and legally blind, she figured she just didn't need the stress-- but we all know how stressful that is!  Moving is frightful for me too in that I would be giving up a lot of spacious room and my dog, perhaps.  But I would be open to moving for the 'right person.'  A few ladies in my life said they wanted a "big guy" who could protect them, as they were abused before they met me. 

Always hanging in the balance is the state of affairs here in the USA and abroad, 'with Israel- the center of the world,' in my humble opinion... and you all know my sentiments on that subject, [see Genesis 12:3].  And I will refer certain web sites full of 'same camp' very smart people with the Holy Spirit who set things straight with the scriptures, something I need to work on, about future prophecy events and everything falling right into place as we speak and post.

It's amazing what a little bit of love, TLC, and human kindness can do to bring out the very best from people-- and treasures of the heart, etc.  I wonder if I have time to write a little poetry...

Warm Regards,
The "Deuce"  -- my Rottweiler.

And below:

Sp/ 4 Tom Schuckman, over in a place not far from the Cambodian border, in South Vietnam, Cu Chi, RVN, sitting on my bunk;   My first tour of duty with USARV.   Age 19, mean and lean... with so much to learn and survive.  "The Beginning."  I know that I have come a long way since then-- and would have surely gone to hell if I was killed over there-- but the Lord protected me for 'some reason.'  Now I am 'Saved by the blood of the Lamb.'

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