Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Simpleness of Life.

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Here is a poem written by a fine lady in MN whom I call my dear friend.  I would ask her out for a fish fry, but she lives one million miles away... LOL.  She is full of good advice and teaches patience [and one day at a time] above all else, so it seems to me.  I certainly could use a shot of that stuff-- but I have always been an aggressive, power driven individual on some sort of mission or crusade, always a soldier serving a master.  It like being a fire fighter all your working life and then retiring and not having any more fires to put out... and I like that analogy, because it fits me, and most other combat Veterans who must deal with combat PTSD, IMHO.  I believe my main thrust in life these past 10 years has been ministering to like individuals and helping them find the Lord of Salvation and realistic hope and faith in understanding that they CAN and WILL go to heaven IF they believe and confess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!   I have a few books of Poetry, but figured that the book of Proverbs would serve me better right now.  I used to write some lyrics to songs when I was playing guitar in high school at WHS-Waterford, WI., but most mens' priorities change with time.   Anyway, that is my humble opinion.  The one thing that MUST remain constant is total trust and faith in the One who CANNOT LIE-- the one, true God in heaven, our Father who loves us!  Time will tell if we have prepared ourselves, and I am NOT a dooms-dayer, pessimist, "Chicken Little, and the sky is falling" type of guy.  I consider myself a survivalist, a realist, pragmatic, a logical deep thinker, always a soldier, and perhaps too emotional.  I am not looking for pity, just a little respect and a hearing ear.  My Blog is therapeutic for me, although I often put my foot in my mouth and have to grovel and beg forgiveness for saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, to the right people, and try to get things right the next time.

This is my 'count down week' before a medical procedure where the VA wants to insert a camera up my back side, and of course every man-jack is telling me that it's just a breeze and nothing to worry about-- but I heard that stuff before...Ha!  I will just suck it up and go through with what the 'doctors' want.  Believe me when I say that I have truly had a 'belly full' of hospitals, and wish I would never need to visit one again, in my life.  But we all know that won't happen.  'That dog won't hunt.'

I had a hard time sleeping with too much going through my mind, and kind of being out of focus.   I plan on following thru with my "PLAN" of getting a sun tan and then joining the Kenosha YMCA and begin pumping iron again, as I feel it's about time after mending for 4 months after my last knee surgery, total knee replacement.  Meeting new people and perhaps old work -out friends ought to be good for my whole being. Time to go.

Warm Regards,
Tom ... and here is a recent picture one year ago when I had a nice beard >>>

The Simpleness of Life

If all I ever wanted,
Was a cloud up in the sky?
Or simple things, like birds that sing,
A Monarch Butterfly,
Life would be oh, so simple,
With just beauty to adore,
But finding simpleness in life,
Is not a simple chore,
We strive for our successes,
In work, at home, in play,
But simpleness is not a part,
Of each and every day,
Our lives are so complex at times,
That sanity we fear,
In hopes of just a simple life,
Where everything is clear,
Yet as we travel down life's path,
One thing we'll surely find,
A friend or two along the way,
To share this rigid grind,
For friends can lend an extra hand,
Sometimes a listening ear,
But most of all the love they share,
Can wipe away a tear,
So if simpleness is what you seek,
You probably will not find
Unless the simpleness you seek,
Is hidden in your mind.
Nancy Sherman Copyright 2007

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Hi Tom, A very good article. You might should get started on a new beard. It is getting cold down here already. Staley