Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need to sleep.

Tom's Journal.

I fear suffering from 'burn out', and am tired a lot lately with sore eyes prob from not sleeping so well at night, not eating properly, so maybe I will go to bed early to get rested up.  I am meeting a few nice ladies on-line-- for a change, and that gives me a positive charge to my battery, but I try hard not to get my hopes up because I am too smart about the selfish degenerate mind, and the 'gimme- gimme world' of users, players, games, etc.  The VA visit today went well, but it's always stressful just walking into their doors and dealing with some of the staff, but certainly not all of them.  One guy there might have really helped me out today with a new CPAP mask for breathing at night.  He was from India, and I could tell that he was lonely, bored, or just wanted to make friends with me--- and after I figured that out, I thanked him for his kindness and assistance several times.  It's just that there has been so much negativity with the VA in the past 35 years since I first walked in in 1970 [and from what so many other combat Vets have told me too] that my defense shields are up when ever I go there-- and I am new at North Chicago VAMC-- coming new from the jaded, corrupt Milwaukee VA system.  I would say that most of them treat me well, though, in N.C. VAMC,  so far... lol.   

I am thinking about giving my dog a bath but he hates the bath tub, and it's too cold outside already.... hummmm.  Sometimes just brushing and currying his coat makes a big difference.   He likes to be brushed and groomed-- don't we all? 

If I take a nap now and just sleep too long, I hope that others will understand- and if they try to call me and fail-- they can always email me and then I will get the message for sure.  I read so much at the computer and books that I should expect to be a bit tired anyway.   But I NEED to keep my mind stimulated daily, and since I only live with a dog [I mean Deuce]-- I need to read, study to keep sharp.  

The price of gas in IL is more like an extra 20 cents/ gallon, but I had to fill half the tank down there and then further had trouble making a foreigner understand my "King's English" to TURN THE DANG PUMP ON!!!!   --to boot!!  Dang!   Is this still America-- or Pakistan???   And I know what different races have 'captured' certain chains in the USA... and wonder if that might come to haunt us someday when we have a national 'emergency.'  One day when I feel especially brave or have a 'death wish' I will explain how certain 'factions' in America are actually trying to divide and DESTROY US FROM WITH IN... AND it's no big secret!  Glenn Beck had most of it right, except that I didn't agree with his religious views and agenda.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is no Big Secret either-- except that Satan appears as an 'angel of light' and his ministers who have already infiltrated the Church are appearing as ministers of light too.  The ONLY way we can discern the difference is to KNOW, READ, STUDY AND UNDERSTAND the Bible!!  And to do that we need the HOLY SPIRIT to help and guide us.  Even though that Spirit is FREE....  most folks don't have it -- for one reason or another, and I can explain that too, like any other real Christian, albeit sinner that I am.  

For me, this coming January will be a real test for me, and if all goes well, the way I want it to, I can pay off and pay down many bills that are just about history anyway.  Woo Woo!  I will do that anyway.   Other wise, I will do what I do best, hunker down and live cheap... lol.  It's a 'war of attrition' that I know how to win, by just cutting down on things I don't need... so simple.  I used to teach that over the kitchen table when I was working Finance and Investments-- so I should be able to apply it to my own little world too.  Actually, there is not one thing that I really need to buy except some fresh produce and gas, and some dog food for Deuce, the Rotty.

Tomorrow should be a great day-- and perhaps one of great joy, or just another day to give thanks for all the little things in life... and yes, that is a 'cryptic statement' that a very few others will understand... lol.    I imagine that I am sending out secret encrypted radio messages during WW-2 in Europe.  Ha!   My mind is still working, and there is nothing like high adventure to stoke the fires of my mind.  And that's why I like to hang out with smart people -- so some of that wit rubs off on me!  

Here is a pic of me about 15 years ago.  And I am finally, just getting back into weight lifting again after a long year of healing from some nasty knee surgery, etc.

Warm Regards,

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