Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vietnam Stats.

Tom's Journal.

Thank you, Bob Gibson, from the land of Oz,  fellow Vietnam Vet- brother in arms, buddy, for the following info and news.  Bless you, Bob!

I had to ask a lady from church to come over after the service, Amy A., and her family, [hubby: Boyd] to show me how to turn on and set the electric oven to roast my stuffed pork chops...LOL.  Thank you, Amy!! The chops turned out great and that was my breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Deuce didn't get any because he throws them up and I got to clean it.... duh.  The bones seem to splinter and mess up his digestion, poor old boy.  Honestly, since my fine wife, Sharon, passed away, I just lost all my desire to cook, and do a lot of other things, lost interest,  and I have switched to eating cold fruit, baloney, etc. And my knees have hurt too much until now to stand too much, but I am healing, slow but sure.  I ought to eat more 'balanced meals' but a simple life for me is OK too, unless I find a Christian lady some day... and I don't talk anymore about my dating or prospective partners unless there is something rock solid, sure, carved in stone-- from past failed relationships where I looked at some female the wrong way and blew everything out of the water...Ha!  Let's face it-- there are so many unstable, neurotic, paranoid, mentally ill people in the world, and REAL, biblical Christians are indeed a rare commodity!   So, good luck in finding a 'normal' suitable soul mate now days when the world is a selfish, greedy, materialistic place.  And i am thinking that the ladies further South of WI have much better manners and style.   I have also seen many sour, flaky 'Christians'... or are they more accurately called "CHINO's" [Christians in name only]??  Just like RINO's-- Republicans in name only... lol.  But let's LOOK ON THE SUNNY SIDE today, on Sunday, and things in WI will grow a bit colder this coming week... Woo Woo!  Are you all ready for the high, slippery snow?  I don't think we will see any for at least 3-4 weeks up here.

I would love to talk about a new special person in my life, but like I said before, I think all should be hidden and discreet  until perhaps something develops and I am more sure. Experience of life safe guards my tongue and Blog posts-- IF I have learned anything this past year.  Other than that it could very well be a cold, lonely Winter.  One of our sisters in Christ-- from church, passed away lately, and we all mourn her loss.  We have an older congregation, IMHO, and the beat goes on.  I really want to become more active in mentoring and assisting the hospitalized friends, etc., if I can, from now on.  I feel that I have had enough experience, love and tools, to help such individuals... and it makes me feel good to have the "right tools" and temperament for such assignments.   I shall ask the Lord, and  the pastor/ Deacons  about this soon.  

I kind of adopted a new country song to sort of commemorate something special in my life:  'LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES' --by Johnny Lee, and I will try to plant that hit on this post.  My Mom is lonely too for being forced to move out of a place where the management refused to enforce the 'NO SMOKING' rule in her old assisted living apartment complex in Burlington, WI-- and now has to pay a lot more money and she doesn't know anyone there!!!  I could have pulled some legal strings to burn the old manager, but she told me 'not to make waves.'  Isn't that how older women think?  But she was afraid of reprisals and threats, being legally blind and age 85.   Oh well... The Law now days seems to work best for those who have deep pockets or if you know someone with clout, or you can intimidate them.  I am thinking that soon enough a 'lawless mob' might take control-- the way the WH works... lol.  In a sense, it already has!  
Now... Tommy boy-- don't be negative, especially on Sunday.  "Be nice" --and make nice.  

I plan to get a sunshine treatment and work out at the Gym in the morning... and get my money's worth of self inflicted torture.  Maybe I will meet or make more old friends too.

Tom    >>>>  my younger power lifting days, in 1989.
Tom Tom my Man,
Well I just finished reading your emails and loved them all any you are right on Bro on many things but let me see if I can speak more on them a bit.
Agent Orange is a real sore point for me, not because of the damage it has done to me.  In fact I feel so blessed because I'm still kicking when there are so many who dies so so young and who had children who suffered and who are still suffering from its wicked poisen.  I was in my 40's before it really starting showing anything and as always before the VA said no trouble has been listed or reported, Well we all know now that they lied so much and as you said so many men and women went without or with very little care for so many years before they finely were forced to help and support them that they had betriaed for so long.  You know they told us that they had distroied all Agent Orange they had so it wouldn't be used, yes they lied again in fact they used on military bases for weed control on and around base housing and you'll love this around swimming pools for the kids up till 1997 and 98.  But they got rid of it shortly after that.....Well in one of Obama under the table deals he just gave millions gallons to Brazil for their rain forest....Shouldn't be a proublem their even though we buy allot of produce from them and the winds blow our way and well I'm sure they all ready thought about the what could go wrong.
I really have trouble with stupid people who think they can say one thing and that makes it OK like some company doc who try and tell me that there is no real evendence that say AO is bad.....At least the young doc and the real doctors who care about people will admit its bad and you will die from it soon or later.....
OK just my take on it,  Now about the way of this old world, well Praise the Lord because I'm a short timer because I feel I will see Jesus before I die and that is from my study and what is happening in this world every day.  The only down side I see is all of those who haven woke up to God and who will be lost.  In the time before the trumpet sounds we are going to see bad things in fact you started to say something about mobs well we had a bunch take over the park at Plymonth down the road from our town.  The wife said she drove past it before she realized it was going on and they were talking about taking over those who have money,  well the way food prices are climbing and the cold hasn't hit and the fuel has  jumped already because of greed and the food banks are shutting down because they have no funds or food its going to get bad.  With the new way of dealing with crime they are letting more and more out because they have so many in jail its just going to get real bad when they think they can take from them who has because they don't.
I live out in the country in a rural area so we don't see allot of stuff but when it gets hard in the cities they come out here to see what they can get.  Normanlly they don't mess with country folks because we DO take care of Our own and will.  My neighbor and I cover each other, we both are disabled and have no money to speak of but we back each other up all the way and my other neighbor was a MP in the Army and a ME in NY city so he know how totake care also we all stick together. 
I thought when I came home my fighting days were done, we I have been home for almost 42 years and have been on alert for the past 42 years ready for something since I came home and have felt that way all along.  But there has been times it has kept me safe and from getting into to deep.  When I worked with the SO the deputies liked working with me because I was so aware of everythin around me at all times.
Now as for your concerns about relations, you are right on again, I was so lucky for finding my wife she is my best friend, buddy, partner, lover and number one back up on any matter.  There are so many out there who will do and tell you anything but are not real, I hate to say it but I was married to one for almost 25 years.  I pray that she is right with God now and will be happy and only the best for her. But I am so happy now for who God has allowed me to be with and would never want to have to look again, so Brother Tom I really feel for you and pray for the right person to come along or that the need to pass.
I'm sure there is more but I'm tired (that good wife has worked me hard and fead me well) so
 off yo bed I go.....God Bless and Keep you safe!  Jerry
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 Bob "Bomber " Gibson
 Gold Coast "AUSTRALIA"
Vietnam vet "Firebase Coral" 12Th May 1968. (  Rifleman) D&E Platoon "Nui-Dat" 1967-Oct 1968.

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Dear Fellow Conservative,

The Vietnam War was a tragic and dismal failure — if you believe what liberal historians and the media say about it.

But here's the politically incorrect truth: The Vietnam War was in fact the most important — and successful — campaign to defeat communism ever waged. Without the sacrifices made and the courage displayed by our military, the world might be a very different place today.

So argues Vietnam War expert (and veteran) Phillip Jennings — and in The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Vietnam War, he marshals all the facts and arguments to prove it.

Here is the true story of the Vietnam War, as it actually was, by someone who fought there as a Marine pilot and later as a pilot for the CIA's Air America, and who has spent much of his lifetime studying the war (and even written a satirical novel about its absurdities).

You think you know the Vietnam War. But did you know:

  • Who won the war? The U.S. military lost more than 58,000 men in Vietnam; the North Vietnamese military lost more than 1.1 million dead

  • John F. Kennedy: How his "firm stand against Communist aggression" took the form of an unclear, waffling policy that led to the largest American blunder of the Vietnam War: the acquiescence to the coup against the only viable national leader in South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem

  • Lyndon Johnson: How he inherited Kennedy's mess and failed to clean it up — and how, eight years and 350,000 U.S. casualties later, Nixon ended the war using exactly the same tactics that Johnson denigrated

  • The Tet Offensive: How most reporters, opposed to the war, ran with their prejudices instead of asking the right questions that would have put this incident into its true perspective as a debacle for North Vietnam

  • The men who served in Vietnam: The best educated, best trained, army that the United States had deployed up to that time

  • The POW camps of North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and South Vietnam in which Communist jailers had ready recourse to unthinkable cruelty and brutality, solitary confinement, ritual humiliation, Cuban torture experts, and the withholding of medical treatment

  • Anti-war activists: How all, collectively, harmed the efforts to end the war and bring the troops safely home, and why they remain responsible for the loss of South Vietnam to the brutal rule of the Communist North

  • The geopolitical outcome of the war: How Communist Vietnam is dependent on Western aid and trying to adopt aspects of a capitalist economy

  • How Democrats continue to try, outrageously, to present our scuttling of South Vietnam as moral and political wisdom
"No war in American history is in greater need of a politically incorrect — another word for honest — treatment than the Vietnam War," writes Jennings, "because the people who misreported the war, hammered vile lies about it into our national consciousness, and tout its supposed ‘lessons' (really, the objectives of their myths) are the very same people who created ‘political correctness' in the first place. Shame on them."

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Human Events also reported that Obama's "economic stimulus" was simply a gargantuan gift to the states — to make sure pampered government workers did not share the same painful fate as private sector-workers who lost jobs by the millions.

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