Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Evening-Tired.

Tom's Journal.

I have not felt so beat up, tired and melancholy as today with all my running around, doing much needed chores and trips. I have a fear of pushing myself into a heart attack-- as those run in my family. Sure I got a lot accomplished, but for an old disabled cripple, it was hard getting in and out of the truck to let my power scooter down, and it takes 2 hands to operate the electric hoist in the bed of the truck to get the scooter up and down. Mighty cold today too to put your hands on steel outside. You know, not too many of my older relatives complained about any kind of pain from old age, although I know that arthritis also runs in the family... so I never did understand about all the ills and aches of growing old, until now..Ha!

My PT guy- -Physical Therapist, Erwin Lim, had mercy on me today as I was short on breath and had 'some chest discomfort.' We enjoy each other's company and talk bible much of the time, and he carried a great "NoteBook PC" that has the KJV in it-- very nice and easy to read for tired, old eyes. I only had a few roast beef sandwiches, about noon. It was good to finally see/ visit my wife today for a while, and her room mate, Helen. I bought Sharon some of her fav. ruby red grapefruits and Granny Smith apples, plus most of her mail and requested documents. I always enjoy getting a hug and kiss from Sharon. Hugs are good medicine for poor old Tom! I guess I am experiencing the 'seasonal Winter Blues' and do much better when Mr. Sun warms my body in the back yard as I read/ study and grill out. What could be better? I got a hair cut, went shopping for a few items, Credit Union $$, and got a fresh new battery in my watch today too. But that up and down business took a lot out of me today and I ws hurting from it all.

I am a firm believer in book learning- education, but also OJT- experience- hands on training from a good master /teacher, or parent like my own Dad. You really learn so much on a farm, and most farmers can't afford to call a repair man to fix their machines/ tractors/ equipment-- so you end up having to learn plenty of skilled trades like welding, carpentry, mechanics and animal husbandry, agriculture, etc. I am glad that I joined the Army and came home alive after combat, but it may have been better if I had some college under my belt prior to enlisting. God had a reason to save my bacon all those times-- and even though I say that dying in my sleep would be OK with me right now-- I am sure the Lord has a few more plans for me. For me, a bold Christian, death is nothing more than the gateway to heaven and eternity with my Lord. That doesn't mean that I want to take unwise risks, because with my "luck" I would just get injured again with more serious PAIN!

And friends, i know all about the 'Fruits of the Spirit' mentioned at Galatians 5:22, 'Love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, self control,' etc., but I still get depressed sometimes and lonely. So the Internet and email helps keep me happy, and I love my friends and worry about their safety and lives too -- but especially when I get to visit my Christian friends on the Net. Yet, there may come a time when we may not have these "tools"- communications, Internet, and freedoms-- as Christ's enemies will strike out at US, here in America-- and I think soon. Something called the "Third Wave" that I hear about on WVCY- Milwaukee Christian Radio, 107.7 FM, and you can listen via your PC too. The attack against 'Home Schooling' has already started, and there will be more to come, I'm sure. So I pity those misled CINO's 'plastic Christians' who think or dream that things will get better now because we have some fresh blood-- conservative Republicans and the Tea Party in office now... Sorry folks, I am just too well educated in the Bible to swallow that pipe dream. I will continue to vote and support the new, conservative people-- but I KNOW what must happen according to the Word.

I have noticed [already] that the portions of food in the stores are getting smaller and the price is going up! And I have been blowing my horn about this inflation for a few years now! So I have been 'conditioning my mind and heart' to prepare for even harder times that will affect Christians along with all the other people on earth, including the USA. That is why I include short stories and news events that prove just that point-- and have to do with bible prophecy-- and these 'Last Days.'

Sharon THINKS that maybe she might be coming home to stay in March, or April. I hope we can make things work for her, but I am limited in how much I can care for her. Then I will have someone to talk to and hug again.

Got to let the dog out before I hit the hay.

Warm Regards,