Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Fall of Lebanon.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends!
With this news below-- "The Fall of Lebanon" --we can see how goofy and uncertain our own [including mine] prognostications and speculation can be concerning just what 'lynch pin' will trip the trigger of the next Bible-predicted war in the Middle East and Jerusalem, and our Rapture! In my opinion, this new wrinkle about the 'Fall of Lebanon' could/ might be the trigger that starts the prophesied war. But like I have said so many times-- we Christians are to serve the Lord forever-- no matter what comes down the pike-- or however long this system lasts. You see-- that puts to rest all the squabbles and arguments of 'who is right about this and that' -- foolish questionings. How are WE all furthering the Lord's work and His Kingdom? That ought to be the REAL question.

My friend, and PT guys, Erwin, told me today that next week will be the end of our working together to help me Rehab and get on my feet-- because he says that I am making that good progress. Awww... and we are such good friends and talk about the bible quite a bit. I gave him a short DVD today about what the day of the Rapture might look like. He is an educated Phillipino Catholic man who made his first pilgrimage to Bosnia and Croatia, to where the Virgin Mary is 'said to have appeared' to some people. He is smart, and I like him with his great sense of humor, but I tell him that the bible must be our ONLY guild no matter what, and he agrees. but still he likes to mis-apply some scriptures. I have learned not to discuss things with him when he is taking my BP... lol, as some of his words drive up my blood pressure. He and Deuce get along well too, but then Deuce thinks that he wants to play, when indeed we have to settle down and do the PT-- Physical Therapy. He also tells me where the best Chinese place to eat is and other good info. We hit it off right from the start... and too bad he has to go now. I would be glad to give him a great letter of accommodation.

I went to a few stores today and saw my wife too. Strawberries are $5/ package-- but Sharon just LOVED them today! Right now I am very beat and aching from all that activity, but have to drive to the Milwaukee VAMC tomorrow after PT-- dental appointment on the 8th floor. I hate to go, but it's "free" and I get travel pay to help pay for my gas. My dear old Mom tells me to take it EZ.

Well, have you had enough BS from all the politicians trying to 'high jack' the tragedy in AZ to make political hay-- and try to jam down more 'gun control' ?? It all stinks on ice, I know, but the Dims [and many Republicans are also dirty] never want to let a serious happening get away with out trying to pump something up with a twist and a turn. Washington D.C. has the most restrictive gun laws in the country but some of the highest shooting/ murder rate! Vermont has the slackest gun laws-- but the least amount of murders! Go figure. It reminds me of Satan and his earthly agents who always try to pervert something into a grotesque misrepresentation-- but that's the norm for the devil and his punky pals. He knows that his time on earth is short and there fore wants to cause as many down falls as possible-- especially the Saints.

One more thing... My wife has put together a small group at the nursing home that is going to start studying the Bible as a group next week, and I hope I can get as many DEFINED KJV Bible to them on time, as possible. Right now, the main thing that is keeping Sharon from coming home is her fractured lower spine-- and we both know that will never heal on it's own. I think she ought to ask the nursing home for a "trial period" so if things go bad for her and don't work out at home-- she will have some place to return to if we can't take care of her here at home. I don't know how she figures that I can somehow take care of her-- as I can barely do for myself right now... and don't forget that my Left knee is just as bad as the right! And I am not planning on getting the Left knee butchered any time soon... lol! Not after the treatment I just went through at the Milwaukee VA. That was a nightmare... sorry. And I still don't see any guarantee written in stone that my Right knee will be 100% perfect after it supposedly heals. I have too many honest friends who had the same procedure and they wish they never had it in the first place. But to be fair-- some folks are helped in a big way. I sure can't trust the 'doctors and staff' after those 'big whoppers' they told me before the surgery....Ha!

Best Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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