Sunday, January 30, 2011

Israel watches Egypt.

Tom's Journal.

Rumor has it that WI could get up to a foot of new snow and high winds-- and maybe my Mom is right that we are DUE to get a good storm... lol. I am glad that I went to the store today after church to get a few things and then share some fresh fruit with Sharon later. She is coughing too much and short of breath again-- poor lady. I know just what to bring her to snap her out of it-- as she suggested it too.... we are into herbs. I ought to bring our Rottweiler buddy to see her too, as that would give her a big shot in the arm. Today was hectic for me too-- getting my power scooter in and out of the truck 3 times today to get things done. I got a lot out of the sermon at church today concerning the book of Ephesians and showing love and respect for our wives/ spouses. And the congregation prayed for my wife a few times. The local church has done a great job in shoveling my snow for me ever after I got home from knee surgery.

Per the article about Egypt-- America has reason to worry about that out come too--- if the 'wrong' people control the Suez canal-- the price of gas could shoot up big time-- plus other goods too, directly and indirectly! Go figure: If gas and diesel fuel go up much higher, that will translate to higher commodities and services in America and else where. And of course, Israel would be hard pressed to defend itself on 2 fronts, with the Egyptian Army having the Abrams tank and American know how/ training. Now... this recent news about Egypt SOUNDS bad, but any real Christian who knows the Bible well enough understands that God will protect the "apple of His eye--Israel" in this next great Mid- East war that has to come. Just like ancient Israel-- Jehovah God told His people 'not to multiply their horses' because God Himself would crush their enemies. Rather than having horses now days-- we have battle tanks. But you get the idea. No matter how you cut it-- our lives and future is in God's hands. I guess that Egypt hasn't read their own history about Moses and the Red Sea... or the Bible either.

I hope that a 'word to the wise will be sufficient' as to the coming wars and conflicts-- so don't expect to see a real peace on earth, because things MUST get WORSE according to the Bible! Also there will not be another great 'Awakening' Spiritually [ or a great Revival] in the USA-- but the moral decay will get only worse. Just wait until this next storm hits the East Coast again... lol! Winter will still rage for at least 2 more months, and as we continue to get closer to God's Day, we can expect to see and witness violent changes in the earth's weather patterns.
Thank you, Lord, for providing safe, warm homes for us in the USA, and we still live in a very rich country compared to the rest of the world. I have seen pictures of whole families living from the rotten food outside Cairo's huge garbage dump-- and the same thing in Vietnam: '68-'70. And the day may come when we have less in our own country... but our trust is in YOU, dear Lord.

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Israel Watches with Concern as Egypt Teeters on the Brink

Posted: 30 Jan 2011 12:21 PM PST

By Ryan Jones Israel Today While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government to refrain from commenting publicly on the situation in Egypt, Israelis watched with concern as the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appeared ready to collapse, and wondered what that will mean for the Jewish state.Over the weekend, a large number of Egyptian troops that went into Cairo to quell