Tuesday, February 1, 2011

His Story.

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Today was a good day for me, and even with the snow storm coming I just 'had to' travel 22 miles to Kenosha, WI., right on Lake Michigan where the waves and wind were high and chilly. I wish I had a movie camera to shoot the huge waves crashing in against the big rocks, etc. there. And even with my 4 wheel drive Ram-- it was still slippery. I moved some money around at my Credit Union, and got some hot food, then came back home. But right now is a good night to stay inside as the temps dip to below zero... and we all wonder if our vehicles will start in the morning... lol. I will also let my kitchen water faucet drip ever so slowly so the pipes don't freeze up.

I confess that I love to 'guess' about the future and have been a speculator with investments some years back after I passed my Securities Fed. exam [6 and 66] in '95. I always made out good!! But now with our present state of economy and the goofy leaders in control-- it's a different story...sad to say. Now my advice is much different as I expect the American economy to tank and melt down--- sorry. But when it comes to the future of current affairs in the world and especially in the Middle East REAL, mature, well studied Christians already KNOW the answers as to the final out come, and what won't work or last! 1st Corinthians 3:19 says: "For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God." Most of my life until about 12 years ago, I was the same way-- ignorant and prideful, until I 'found the Lord and accepted Him as my personal Savior.' And then things pretty much fell into place-- but it took hard study and the Holy Spirit. Some times we might stray off the path listening to mere mortal man's opinion --- but if we can tie a stout rope to ourselves and the BIBLE, we can right ourselves and get back into the 'program.'

The article explains some great concepts that are good to memorize, and I learned a few things today from it. I try to cherry pick the articles that I find most interesting and share them with you. If I can eat something that 'sticks to my ribs'-- you might appreciate it too. The land that God gave the Israelites 4000 years ago STILL BELONGS TO THEM, no matter what men try to do. If the Jews try to sell or trade any of their land [for peace], they will be in deep trouble with the Lord! The Bible is full of examples of God beating His own people with a stout stick many times-- but He also protects them when they were doing His will. This is how we all know that the next war between the Jews and her hateful Muslim neighbors will be won by God-- for the Jews. This is also my opinion. Many of my friends think that the Rapture should come soon after that regional war--- and then the Trib. On the other hand I might have things messed up/ wrong, and God could take us at any time now, so we ought to stay alert.

But this is not the important part-- as we Christians are servants of the Lord FOREVER-- the long haul! So you might say that some of us Christians like to speculate-- but God is still the boss and He will have His way. The main thing is that we are 'in His fold'
now and doing His will.

I wonder if we will get a foot of snow in the morning like the weatherman SPECULATES in Milwaukee-- with already many places shutting down for tomorrow, well in advance. I only worry about the folks that suffer a loss of power in this cold, icy weather South of us-- even all the way to Dallas, TX. Could you even imagine the Super Bowl being played in Green Bay, WI ?? Ha! On the other hand they may not even have much snow this Sunday.

Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times (Part 1)

Posted: 01 Feb 2011 07:52 AM PST

By Todd Baker B'rit Hadashah Ministries Preachers and theologians are often fond of saying that History is “His story,” meaning that God plans and determines the details and events that make up human history ruling over the process from beginning to end to fulfill His great purpose for Mankind. Nothing could be truer of Israel. The history of the Jewish people is “His story” played out within