Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can a Believer have Doubts?

Tom's Journal.

Today wasn't too bad but I decided to just rest up at home for a while--Saturday, so I might have some energy to get up early on Sunday. I just don't know/ understand why my muscles and joints hurt so bad most of the time-- and my meds ought to be sufficient to take care of the pain, and I don't believe I have a cold or Flu. Could it be the antibiotics the VA wants me to take for any post-op infection?? And then, I could figure it out if just the bad, replaced knee just hurt-- but it's the whole body. Maybe I am doing too much house work and traveling/ chores and shopping on my own-- but then, I don't have any 'support group' in this one horse town-- never did, except for the church shoveling my snow... PTL, and they are a true blessing in that regard. Thank you, friends! I would be lost without my email and FB, etc.

It's kind of funny how my Mom and I send each other gifts of money for special occasions, like: She sent me a fifty dollar bill for an 'early birthday gift', and then I recently sent her a $50 bill for her 'early birthday gift, both in Feb... lol. For some reason she sent me another birthday card with $25, so I thought I would bring over a special Yugoslavian bottle of 'plum juice' and a cheese cake-- but since I could not reach her by phone to see if she would be there at home today-- I just stayed home and enjoyed the dog's company. Everyone seems to be so busy now days! I got the new "brain box"/ computer installed into my truck, but then got a repair estimate from the repair shop-- because a punk who backed his boss's company cargo van into the back of my truck last week-- over $1000, and it will take 3 days work to fix it next week!! I am glad that I did call the cops on that goofy guy who refused to give me his driver's license card and name! I was not even there at the time-- but was visiting my wife at her nursing home. Sometimes you just got to wonder if there was both a mommy and daddy at home training him while he was growing up-- and that is one of the good benefits of marriage-- to raise a child PROPERLY! BTW, who wants to pay for other peoples' abortions with our taxes-- thanks to the many lies of Planned Parenthood-- and their back room butcher shops ?? Hey! Your Congressmen needs to hear from you! Hello! But if you voted for Mr. Obama-- that's OK... you got what you wanted. those folks can't read the Bible either.... sorry. 2+2=4. God's Pro-Life!

The statement: 'Once Saved-- always Saved' is explained down below in a short article, and things like this always make me smile inside and reassure me that the very BEST policy is to cling closely to the Lord and the BIBLE. I keep pounding my drum... that, 'If we don't put money in the checking account-- how in the world can we continue to write out checks or use our debit card !! [The same goes for our own Gov't... lol]. Sooner or later we are going to get caught flat footed, and in deep trouble, friends. A 'man's heart will be where his riches/ treasures are.' I keep saying that a Christian can still have a great time on earth for the most part if he obeys God and studies his Bible-- but just try to "walk on the wild side of Satan" and you might get away with it for a while... but it's like playing the slot machines at some Casino. The Casino has your number-- and they are there to make a profit-- and a fool out of YOU! I know a fine, hard working lady who has a gambling problem and now she is 3 months behind on her mortgage payments. I guess I just love the simple logic of things, and I like to share them with others whom I feel have a good chance of surviving.

Sharon had a rough time of it with her low BP and trouble breathing all week, up and down, but says that she feels better today. I will see her tomorrow again. If only she could learn to keep her cell phone with her, and charge it up before she goes to sleep at night....

Warm Regards,

Can A Believer Have Doubts?

Q. I read recently that a true believer can not ‘lose’ their faith or have doubts; that if they did they couldn’t possibly have been saved in the first place, for the Holy Spirit would not allow such a thing.

A. True believers cannot lose their faith because it’s a gift from God (Ephes. 2:8-9). At the moment of salvation He assumes responsibility for keeping us and seals the Holy Spirit inside us to guarantee our salvation (2 Cor 1:21-22). Remember, it’s the shepherd’s job to keep the sheep.

But it’s natural for us to have doubts, because the devil plants them in our minds, just like he did with Eve. (“Did God really say …?”) The Holy Spirit counsels us to believe God and resist the devil but cannot control our thoughts. It’s our job to recall God’s promises and use them to repel the enemy’s attack. (2 Cor 10:3-5) It’s one of the reasons that knowing the Scripture is so important.