Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not a Singing Telegram.

Tom's Journal.

This is too good to pass up and not publish.... 'Singing Telegram.' And I found another piece of the 'puzzle' about my own 'disorder' that helped me out... PTSD.

The VA dental cleaning this morning went well and quick, and then tomorrow I have to take the dog to the Vet Hospital in town for a yearly shot and have his nails clipped too. I had a very fruitful day at the VA in Milwaukee this time visiting the Patient Advocate, telling her about the rough treatment, neglect, and abuse I got Post-Op surgery of my total knee replacement -- the week of Dec. 6th, 2010, and she [ the PA] seemed very competent and kind to me-- smart as a whip. I don't LIKE to make waves-- and only hope I have not opened a 'can of worms', but I told her that if the 'African-American RN's and staff of 3rd shift abused me-- what would stop them from abusing other Combat- Disabled Veterans??? I told her that as a Christian I would never seek physical injury toward someone-- but I knew other Veterans in the past who were stressed out and 'unbalanced' who WOULD return 'injury for injury!' It's reassuring to have another type of health insurance-- from Chrysler to fall back on, but why should I be hounded, abused, threatened, and forced away from the VA when I earned those privileges, and I got an HONORABLE discharge, and a 100% disability rating from the VA.
My truck is out of gas and my power scooter is low on battery, but I can handle that stuff soon enough. Gas is about $3.45 now in WI. I feel sorry for the guys and gals who have to commute to work every day over 10 miles. Things are going OK for me right now and not too much to complain about-- I just like to throw a few facts out there for some of my friends and relatives to keep up with, as I know that they are on a busy schedule. I made a beef roast that turned out good yesterday and ate some of it today-- but I don't have the apatite that I did years ago. And I just put the left over roast in the back porch which is cold enough to keep it another day.

I have determined to spend less $$ in the following months because there is nothing I really need to buy, and I like to pay off/ pay down my debt faster too. But not to worry-- inflation will eat up our money fast enough to sting us. Yet, living "single" frees up some money for me.

Question: How do you feel about 'relatives' who lack the spine bone to get back with you with an answer for your question even after multiple requests? Or just maybe they lack the 'social graces' or communications skills to tell you the truth, or at least give you a simple yes or no. I asked some 'relatives' twice if they would clip my dog's toe nails for pay $-- but I guess that they felt uncomfortable for some reason... or didn't know how to use the phone or email... duh. I pity cowards and sneaky people, and would rather not have anything to do with them. My Dad was not a great communicator-- but at least he got the job done. He even took some night school courses to improve himself and also developed his vocabulary-- which inspired me to do the same. The Navy taught him how to use a "Command Voice." I used to read the dictionary for fun! Now I use my PC.

Bible Prophecy Is Not a Singing Telegram

Posted: 03 Mar 2011 10:35 AM PST

By Jack Kinsella. The Omega Letter According to the online dictionary, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.According to the Mayo Clinic PTSD symptoms include flashbacks, upsetting dreams, emotional numbness, a sense of hopelessness, memory problems, irritability, self-destructive