Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Daniel Plan.

Tom's Journal.

One of the big reasons that I throw in stuff about Rick Warren now and then is because some of my BEST FRIENDS who actually led me to the Lord 15 years ago got caught up in their church's attachments to Rick Warren, going so far as to study one of his books on a congregational level!! Hello! That church is: Baptist Tabernacle, on 80th Street, in Kenosha, WI ! My friends also got caught up in the 'Prosperity Gospel' and suggested that I check it out too, which I did-- but then dumped it. They got lulled into using the NIV Bible too, but even though I have my own strong feelings and opinions about that issue-- I don't make a practice of pushing my view on this subject. Although this scripture may have reference to the Tribulation, it still has bearing here: "For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." ~Matthew 24:24. ~KJV. So... we can have confidence and courage that God has Saved us through the merit of Christ's blood, we STILL need to keep up our guard in these last days before the Rapture. This is my Bible based opinion on the matter of the 'strange and different gospels' like 'Purpose driven churches', etc. The devil is still extremely active now! Beware. I have personally 'fallen down' many times in sin, but the Holy Spirit has 'righted' me, helping me to learn from my mistakes and walk tall in the Truth of the Scriptures, PTL ! I have come to understand that I will never know how many and whom I have led to Christ-- until heaven. But it's bit like sales in finance and investments-- 'You don't sit back and count all your money sipping a Mint Julep -- but you continue doing your job every day and focus on your job!'

Right now in the world and America, we don't have a 'shortage of information' -- we have TMI -- 'too much info' on TV, newspapers, etc
., and we must sort through that pile to get the honest, correct news-- the precious nuggets of Truth'. Remember, ALL Governments broadcast what is good for THEIR OWN AGENDAS,and many times lies. Take our national debt, for instance, how our gov't prints misleading- under estimated data-- incomplete trash, when the real truth is more extensive damage larger debt levels. But we don't want to be an ostrich by burying our heads in the sand-- but make sure we read and understand what the BIBLE says, predicts and warns! Have I EVER mentioned this before--Ha! ?? LOL!

Sharon continues to have very low BP--blood pressure readings every day, so she has to remain in bed for the most part so she doesn't get so dizzy and fall down to injure her self even more. I said that she should eat SOMETHING to boost her BP, but she keeps vomiting it all up! You would THINK that the doctors and staff could figure these things out and remedy the situation....duh. She does love the game of chess, and I turn it into a party atmosphere to entertain her, but also tell her what went on at church and hand her the bulletin on Sundays. We are going to have a great time together again after I church in the morning, and I will bring her some things to make her better-- food - fresh fruit and drink. Yes, I feel a sense of duty--visiting Sharon often but I also care for her and enjoy her company. All I have to do it to 'mentally change places with her' - empathy, and it makes me sad. And now her power chair is broke- AGAIN, which takes away most of her mobility. but I will have it repaired as soon as I can afford it.

I have too much on my plate this month --to spend more money so I have to 'prioritize' things and expenditures, or I will resemble the US Gov't--Ha !! They won't let me just print more money in the Sharon was moved to a new room: 252, at Woodstock Nursing home, and I will announce that at church in the morning-- Lord willing and the river don't rise.
It's snowing again in S.E. WI., and I sue hope it freezes because my back yard is looking like a muddy quagmire.

Rick Warren and the Daniel Plan

Posted: 04 Mar 2011 12:50 PM PST

By Dave Hunt The Berean Call Question: Why are you and other "discernment" writers so critical of Rick Warren and his new Daniel Plan? What difference does it make that Rick Warren turns to some of the best secular doctors in the nation to help the church with its battle over obesity, physical fitness, and mental health? After all, Christians don't have to ensure that their cars are repaired only