Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Camels Back.

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I hope I don't sound a bit nuts, but part of me is happy about these "signs" predicted in the Bible coming true now, and the other part of me understands that much suffering is rolling down our path.  I regress: we  well-studied Bible loving Christians knew and preached that this was going to happen for years now-- but we didn't know exactly how [and how could we?].  The occult is forbidden in God's Word.  We were hanging on by our toe nails [and old welder's expression] before Japan got clobbered, and now the 'other' calamities have all joined in to start the chaos that will shake the world to it's foundation, and cause more riots. Hey-- we're just getting warmed up!

Trust the 'media', Gov't and even the churches to pretend that nothing is amiss or out of place.  Talk about Lemmings...lol, or '3 blind mice.'  And now at the last hour the majority of people on earth are stuck, trapped, and honestly can't do a thing to prepare for the worst.  Frankly, our American culture and bad habits moved us to continue to borrow more money [and the Gov't even promoted risky lending to people who could not afford to buy houses/ things!] so we could keep up with the Jones' and 'live the American Dream' by insisting to live in "NICE" houses, and drive fashionable expensive cars, etc., so that the birds ARE coming home to roost!  And look at how much money we spend on illegal aliens, even as they insult us every day! 

Those of us who claim to be real Christians will be severely tested too, and most of us are not rich in material things.  I won't be pointing fingers or laughing at other's troubles because I have some debt too, and having studied and taught Finance and investments-- I ought to know better.  

It's just a matter of time now before the world implodes, America too.  If some of you have read past blog posts of mine-- I was predicting late Spring to late Summer THIS YEAR, 2011, that things would come undone.  Maybe we can hold on longer, but I am planning on things getting much worse.  We are going down-- it's just a matter of time.   My God, the Bible, and my Lord Jesus Christ mean all that much more to me now-- as He is the only answer and salvation.  Ha!  Here I have been talking about it all the time and waiting for the actual battle to come, thumping my chest with all my so-called "Where with all" and now I am kind of panic stricken--- shoot!  This is the time where complete and TOTAL dependence on God comes into play!  

This is kind [our fragile economy] of like a great game of chess when one player has the other man's  king all bottled up from 4 directions and there is NO WAY OUT-- CHECKMATE!  Read Ezekiel 7:27, and you will understand me better.

Tom Schuckman

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 01:31 PM PDT
By Don Koenig The Prophetic Years The earthquake and tsunami in Japan with about ten thousand people dead, hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and a possible nuclear meltdown was all over the news last weekend but I did not hear one peep about it in church. Nothing was said in Sunday school. Nothing was heard in any prayers said that I heard. Nothing came from the pulpit and nothing even