Friday, March 18, 2011

One World Order.

Tom's Journal.

Just what do people have against the TRUTH?  Those who commit crimes in the  dark night or when no one is looking, cover up the truth, and all men are liars according to the bible.  Whether we fear punishment, shame, retribution loss of respect among our peers and fellow countrymen-- it's all a concealment of the truth-- and who doesn't have something to hide, really?  Scripture says that Satan is the 'father of the lie', and the term, "devil" means slanderer [liar].  You know, friends, we can forgive a lot of personality flaws, traits, and shortcomings, but like my Dad used to tell me, 'Once a man lies to you-- you can never be sure if he is telling the truth after that.'  Lying was a serious sin/ offense in my family, and that liar would get a double dose of punishment [a good hard whipping with Dad's belt]  if he didn't tell the truth the first time.

I know I have been harping on the subject of truth the past few Blogs, but it's important for me to hammer that puppy home, because that should be how we 'see' other humans, including politicians.   From reading books of German national sociology of the past-- the typical German child was so instructed/ brought up to tell nothing but the truth that Nazi teachers, etc., at school could learn if that child's parents were loyal to Hitler or not-- even sending the parents to prison!  Sometimes I watch reality cop shows catching perps who will lie about everything trying to save their worthless, drugged up hide!  I am sure you know what I mean...

If the truth is ugly, revolting, opening a severe wound-- because you like that person, it sure does hurt you inside, right?  You become disillusioned and defensive almost to the point of ending a dear long time friendship-- if you refuse to learn the truth about something, or somebody!  I have ALWAYS said that if someone can prove something with the Bible-- 'I WILL ADMIT MY MISTAKE and take hold of the truth--even if it hurts or makes me look foolish!'  I hope all my friends will take the same stand.  I have had to "eat crow" many times in my life, so that now days I will only stick my neck out if I feel positive about something.  Just like passing on emails or jokes that seem correct, but when you check Snopes, you find that they are incorrect or false... lol.  

As for the 'New World Order' and ONE WORLD GOV'T, the Bible confirms that will be a done deal no matter how much we try to prevent it, work hard, get involved in patriotic organizations and movements!!  And many of my friends MEAN WELL, but 'why polish the brass on a sinking ship??'  Is that something that God wants us to do in these last days-- try to save or prolong a home country?  Christians may, and I believe, ought to VOTE for the person who will safe guard our sacred Rights and Freedoms so that we many practice our worship to the God of the Bible.  But God does have a main directive-- special work for us humans who "claim" to be followers of Christ?  See 1st Timothy, 2nd Chapter, 3 and 4th verses.  Hearing the truth about what will happen to our once great nation, for a multitude of reasons, including abortion, gay agenda, corruption, LIES, and turning against God's chosen people- Israel, hurts us-- hurts me, and God will ultimately call us on that.  NO ONE will escape God's perfect Justice!  Who's camp are you standing in, God's camp or some human Gov't or society?  No matter where you live on earth-- God can 'see' you, and the Holy Spirit either imbues you with that special Saving Grace, or lets you continue on your road to perdition/ destruction.  It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor-- you will be judged according to your  TOTAL allegiance to Jesus Christ, not some nation on earth!  If we led a hard, punishing, poor life on earth for 70-90 years-- why would we want to spend the rest of eternity in a much WORSE place?  If we are blessed to be wealthy, why would we choose to settle for just 100 years of the good life on earth, and then suffer in hell forever-- because we didn't choose Christ as our real Savior?  Ponder on this, please.


Posted: 18 Mar 2011 10:46 AM PDT
By Bill Wilson Word of Life Ministry China, Russia, India, Brazil and many other countries have been calling for an international one world currency for quite some time. Throughout the world, it has been the United States dollar that served as the base currency in world trade. In fact, it has been the United States that has stood in the breech preventing a world government from forming since

An entire crew of a B-29 (12 aviators) was rescued by a US submarine after their plane was shot down in 1944/570 miles off the coast of Japan. The entire rescue was filmed in color video but then sat in a guy's closet until now. This is a story from a Denver TV station of one of those rescued aviators to whom the video was delivered. It also shows their transfer to another submarine that is likely headed back to port before the one that accomplished the rescue.

Renew my Mind.

Tom's Journal.

I feel that I have been blessed and forgiven many times, especially after I found the Lord  in 1995, but that was just the beginning of taking in more knowledge and then ACTING on it.  The subject:  "HOW DO I RENEW MY MIND" helped me understand just how ingrained our 'old personality' was, and some of us still fight courageously every day to turn away from temptations and thoughts that lead us to sin again.  For some folks, drinking abusively, drugging, smoking, obsessive eating disorders, chasing wild women, etc., are a real nightmare and major obstacle to peace of mind and harmony with Christ's teachings. 

It's my personal opinion, for what it's worth, that some folks eat to live-- and others live to eat... lol.  Some folks figure that after they 'gave up somethings that they really loved and enjoyed', like smoking and drinking wine to excess, they OUGHT TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE 'COMFORT GIVING VICE...'  I know that I have GOT TO GET A HANDLE on my eating habits and portion control.  Hey!  I fasted for 13 days after my knee surgery on Dec. 6th last year and lost 50 pounds, but that's not the answer either!  I think I gained it all back and now have trouble clipping my toes nails again!  I am so angry with myself.
When I worked hard every day on the assembly line at Chrysler Motors in Kenosha, WI., or on various welding jobs when I was laid off, I could manage my weight pretty well, and people knew me as a good power lifter [as I worked out with weights] with power and  strength/ muscles.  What a difference there is after a few accidents/ injuries, and radical surgery and retirement in 2002.  I was a very active guy, and I sorely miss all that now.  I love veggie gardening too.  I guess I am asking for some help and advice, but right now I am limited in what I can physically do.

I have even been contemplating selling my house and moving into a decent apartment in a good area back by Lake Michigan in WI... but the  house selling market is not so good right now, and I see the economy of the world getting worse.  On the other hand, I personally think that the world events and the Rapture might come at any time-- according to the " Heavenly Father's wishes and time table."  I strongly value and respect the wise council of my studied Christian friends, and will ask their opinions and thoughts on this matter.

Warm Christian Love and Regards,
Q. I understand that it is God’s Will that I be sanctified. And I understand from Romans 12:1-2 that I am transformed by renewing my mind. How do I renew my mind so all the Spiritual Gifts in my spirit can be released ? I understand that until I do this, my mind remains with [...]