Monday, March 21, 2011

Brannon Howse- WVCY Radio.

Tom's Journal.

Today was the first time I commented on Brannon Howse--WVCY Christian Radio- Program from Milwaukee!  Wow!  He thanked me for my service in Vietnam and agreed with what I said about 'America shooting it's last bolt by abandoning the apple of God's eye- Israel.'   WE in the USA, generally speaking DESERVE some natural disasters for our 'community' sins, like abortion [Planned Parenthood], the Gay agenda, discrimmination against CHRISTIANS, a Besides prayer, voting for true Conservatives [lovers of God and Freedom] and writing/ calling our State Rep's, we should expect more hard times and calamity down the road [and I think, SOON].  He then elaborated on what he is doing to prepare for local disasters, and said that people are CRAZY if they don't prepare at least a little bit-- for natural disasters, and not to depend of the and poor treatment of Israel!  DON'T expect the Gov't to be there with help when these disasters/ what ever strike.  Look at Katrina!  

We are NOT Dooms Dayers, but doesn't it make sense to take SOME common sense steps to store up and prepare for anything that comes down the pike?  I just think that certain people who love the Lord and share the Gospel ought also prepare for unforeseen circumstances.  Brannon Howse comes from TN where they live on a fault line [earthquakes], and said that he just bought a tent, in case his house gets too damaged to live in.  What's wrong with that?  I figure that I have a roomy Ram 4 by 4 pick up truck I can sleep in and some camping equipment too-- but we always took our family camping, fishing, hurting when they were younger.   And that is why we have auto, health and house insurance too.  But when the Gov't is BROKE  $$$ and there just is not available services and assets, we must depend on ourselves!  I wish I could say that we can depend on our fellow Christian friends and churches, but frankly, from vast personal experiences, they won't be there for us when we are down.  Sad... most will NOT leave their "comfort zone."  And in the church I attend, most are like me-- old and disabled, and that's why I am just considering selling my old house and moving back to the larger city where I do have more reliable friends and assets, and maybe I can go fishing in Lake Michigan-- Kenosha, WI. Woo Woo! 

We know that most unbelievers love to spout off about: 'God helps those who help themselves' -- and then they go looting when there is civil and catastrophic discord/ disaster, like Katrina, etc.  And just look at how well mannered and civil the Japanese carry on even when their world is shattered!!  But then, they weren't raised with that "ghetto" gimme-gimme mentality.  I have never found that "scripture" .. lol, but Proverbs talks about the ant that works hard and stores up enough food for Winter, etc.  Bears eat a lot and put on extra weight right before Winter too, and some of us use that as an excuse to 'grow bigger.'   Ha!  I need to lose 100 pounds yesterday!  

Well, it's a nice sunny day, but my Mom says that it will grow colder tomorrow and maybe snow.  Too late to visit Sharon today, but she says that she is sick anyway and has trouble with her nervous, irritated stomach and vomiting almost everyday.