Friday, April 8, 2011


Tom's Journal.

My fav. book produced by Randy Alcorn is:  SAFELY HOME, [about the Christian Chinese brothers who must still practice their Faith 'underground' in Communist China] who face REAL persecution and hardship.  And now this greater point/ subject of Hell,  MUST be discussed and shared with every Christian and others ASAP, so that they know the absolute truth.  Jesus talked about Hell more often than Heaven!  So we MUST be straight on this one, please, and share it with every one you ever cared for.  For there are many false teachers and 'pastors' who teach false hoods and sell theirs lying books!  The Church is being tossed upside down right now, before Rapture, so those who THINK that they can just slip by without actually knowing and understanding the Bible will be hurt and misled.  Randy Alcorn makes some valuable points in the below article.  Important.

Well, I had to replace my toilet this morning for $344... ouch, but it's something that I personally need in a 'large way' in my humble hovel.  Got one that was 'high' for arthritis knees/ joints, powerful water flush  and large diameter 'throat.'  I can skimp on somethings-- but need the best product on others...

I decided to buy a good Omega fruit and veggie Juicer today too, as I will be going into a special juice diet that will help me get back into more healthy foods, etc., and drop in weight-- because it's KILLING ME!  I honestly don't care about my looks so much but my joints are hurting so bad, and this is one way of helping that situation and also detox my body.  My youngest daughter, Sarah, is an expert in this field, and is helping me.   You got to know that I am so desperate and at the end of my rope with pain and dissatisfaction, especially since the 'surgery' I had on Dec. 6th last year at the Milwaukee VA, and I have been hearing so many other Veterans tell me the same thing.... sorry.   Prayers requested for my success, please, and this is a 'Life Style' -- not just a new fad/ diet.  It won't be easy for me.  

I hate to get political today, but if the country shuts down-- the worst thing would be to starve our military families and troops for lack of pay $$ !!  I don't even want to take sides, but the military pay roll ought to be a 'sacred cow', and untouchable, in my opinion!  Shame on our Congress and Administration!  And Planned Parenthood IS 90% about abortion, and the EPA / and Global Warming is a rotten joke and LIE!  I don't want MY tax dollars going to exterminate innocent children-- abortion!  I just may start sewing the rattle snake/ 'Don't tread on me' flag on some of my shirts and coats... lol.  

My 'new' Study Bible is the:  Old Scofield Study System- KJV, as now I know more older KJV terms and 1611 words from using the DEFINED KJV Bible.  My war buddy did me a great service by giving- SENDING me a copy of the Scofield Bible, and I cherish it!  Thanks, JR-  'RobinHood.'      

Posted: 08 Apr 2011 01:02 PM PDT
By Dr. Randy Alcorn Eternal Perspective Ministries I mentioned in an earlier post Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. I read it several weeks ago. It contains some good and accurate things here and there, but unfortunately its central message is in explicit contradiction to Scripture and historic Christianity. Oddly, Bell insists that he’s not a universalist, yet his book indicates that he believes