Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday-- Tax Day.

Tom's Journal.

I feel like I got some things done today, finally... my accountant mailed out my taxes TODAY!  What a royal pain, and I get a tight stomach every tax season, but this year getting a little bit back.... YES!  I spent most of the day trying hard to cancel, delete Sharon's FaceBook accounts, cell phone, Chrysler Humana medical acct's, doctors, Car Insurance, etc., to clear up and inform them of my dear wife's passing away.   Still, I need more savvy friends to come over to my house and correct/ fix things since Sharon took care of  so many delegated jobs, filing, sorting and business.  It's like a competent legal secretary getting up and leaving without any prior notice... but we all believe that Sharon is in much greener pastures now!

Not crying in my beer, just stating a few facts;  Most of my good friends are either still working on their respective jobs- with families, or retired and somewhat disabled to help me in a physical way, or they live hundreds of miles away.  Our church/ congregation is mostly of the 'older set' -- like me, age 62, and most are advanced in age and disabled.  They are very friendly and cordial, but un-able to do heavy lifting, etc.  I am only playing/ entertaining the thought of selling my 100 year old house in the boon docks and moving back NEAR Kenosha, where I have more old friends that I have known during the past 30 some years or so, co-workers at Chrysler and other places, military/ Veteran orgs and chapters, etc.  But at this stage of the game, the Rapture might come soon, the economy is kaput, and selling houses is at an all time low, so I really don't know if I want to take the chance/ take the gamble of "jumping out of the pan-- and into the fire."  I HATE moving!  Since I am crippled/ disabled, I would have to depend on, trust every moving detail to other people who might not care whether they bust up my stuff or not.  I would have to give up my back yard, garage, small wood shop, and garden, and maybe my noble hound dog, "Deuce" who watches over me, and is my good friend.

I just put a $40 piece of lamb in the slow cooker with some garlic, etc. and need to add a cut up onion and carrots, and might have to eat some tomorrow as it's too late in the day.  I should have put the animal in the MORNING, but couldn't get my legs and back to work.  The will and spirit are there, but the 'flesh is weak.'  I am NOT giving up, but I realize that the surgery was some how botched, in my humble opinion, and I have to live with it without complaining!  I realize that the Milwaukee VA has saved many lives and helped thousands of Vets, but not everyone heals as they should-- although I AM a fast healer,  I just can't bounce back like I usually do.

We got a few inches of heavy, wet snow in S.E. Wisconsin, and that surprised me, and my back yard is turning into a quagmire.  Typical Wisconsin Spring, but  we thank the Lord for EVERY day of life He gives us.  He didn't promise us a rose garden with servants and drinking vessels made of pure gold.

My mind and heart [emotions, and out look] have indeed changed in the past week, and I see the world differently now.  Seems like an empty, rat race world filled with selfishness, greed, immorality and FEAR!   I am afraid to get into another relationship-- but I should move around and make more friends so that I don't feel so isolated and alone.   it's hard to find REAL Christians who are not thinking about how much and what they can get out of  a relationship, or how to rip you off, and then split out the back door.   I have had people move out in the middle of the night while I was welding on the job in another city close by on 2nd shift!  I know a few others who were 'cleaned out' and left 'high and dry.'  And we should all KNOW by now that the term "Christian" is only a buzz word to be thrown around casually and mis-used.    

My old mantra:  "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~Philippians 1:21.  We need the Holy Spirit to help us stay the course -- with this 'church age' being in the eleventh hour, when Israel could erupt in a huge war [with "major WMD's"]  that will decimate her malicious Muslim neighbors... so the Bible tells me.  Heck!  America won't protect Israel and they know it!!  Listen!  Bible prophecy always comes true-- and "God cannot lie." ~Titus 1:2.   I fear missing that "Freedom Bird"[all Vietnam know what 'freedom bird']   going to heaven and being "Left Behind" because I didn't stay the course and got side tracked, falling into temptation.  I honestly think that God is 'handicapping me' right now to 'keep me out of trouble'... lol.  The Lord knows our hearts better than we do.  Tommy Schuckman-- on the Left with dark brown hair.  My good buddy, Walter E. Weber, took this picture and sent it to me about 25 years latter, out of the blue!  This pic is at the 240th AHC BearCat EM Club-- watering hole,and we were always thirsty in that hot tropical climate.  Ha!  The Army told us that we were going to a "Tropical Paradise,"  Those were the good old days-- with the 'good ole boys.'  Real friendship never dies.

Warm Regards, dear Friends and Readers,
Tom Schuckman
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