Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Tom's Journal.

Folks,  Never begin with the word, "Sorry."  Be not apologetic for preaching, teaching, sharing the Word and the Gospel.  We are NOT peddlers of the Word-- we are Soldiers of Christ!  When a soldier goes into battle, he cannot be timid or cowardly, but he must be ready, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to engage the enemy.  I always relied on my Basic Training [Boot Camp] for courage,  at Fort Campbell, KY, and my knowledge from Fort Rucker [Aviation school--AIT], Alabama, in early 1968.  Please pray for those poor folks in Alabama who lost their family, homes and everything else with the violent storms/ tornadoes that touched ground yesterday and today April 27th.  Christians must rely on the Holy Spirit, but how are we to draw on knowledge unless we put 'something' correct and true into our brain box??  How can you draw money out of the bank unless you put something in before hand -- unless you are the US Gov't, or the Federal Reserve $$$.... lol !   And yes, it is much easier for me [and we] to watch TV or surf the Net, rather than crack open that fine Book of God, the Old Scofield KJV Bible, or the DEFINED KJV Bible!   See: 
~I feel those 2 fine Bibles are worth their weight in gold!

Friends,  I strongly feel that all pastors and Bible teachers [every Christian] ought to read, study and teach this following article about 'Left-leaning "Christian" ' infiltrating our churches right now.   They are spreading lies and dirt about Israel [and Bible loving Christians] and their God-given right to inherit the Promised Land that God gave them.   And I know that I have been posting many articles and subjects lately-- but these subjects are so timely and the hour is near.  Arm yourself with the SWORD... the Bible, even if you have to force yourself!  I have two literal swords at home, and both are very sharp weapons.  I respect them more than fire arms because they are so dangerous and lethal;  just one swing and off comes an arm or a head!  

Naming the full  proper names of the false teachers/ pastors is bold and lethal too, but it must be done to alert other Christians-- the same as if the Viet Cong or NVA were 'storming the wire' of our outer perimeter.  I was very alert and nervous when I had to pull night guard at Cu Chi, Vietnam in late '68, when I first got "in-country',  in total darkness, and I carried my M-16 on my hip with my right thumb on the selector switch.  Cu Chi was right on the border with Cambodia, and had been over run twice before I got there.  I stayed there for about 3 1/2 months before they sent me and 1/3 of the 20th Trans Co, to Bien Hoa Air Base, to reinforce a new  "ER" company of 'rustic' unlearned folks from Hagerstown, MD-- Army helicopters, Direct Support, where we got 'rocketed' regularly, and lost 3 buddies there on my first tour, living in tents for eight months.  A lot of us enjoyed our beer at the time, as I remember.  What a crazy time to be age  
Great, informative article and very BOLD!

Posted: 28 Apr 2011 12:48 PM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters For some time, I have been raising the alarm that evangelical Christianity has been infiltrated by theological leftists. Among other things, this impacts our nation’s view of Israel.Recently, I was made aware of a movement of young evangelicals who are embracing what the British lecturer Paul Wilkinson calls “Christian Palestinianism.” Loosely, this means a

Who should we pray for?

Tom's Journal.

Folks,  I am not promoting the above video, but just throwing it out for discussion, and since I want to nail this puppy down for it's importance, it may take a few blog posts to get it all done.

The subject is:  "Should we pray for our Government, heads of State, Nation, America ?"   First off, we are told in the Bible to 'pray for the king' so that his laws will be favorable for us to practice our Christian Faith without threat of persecution, harassment, or malice, publicly or privately.  This is good and proper.  But recently, more false prophets, teachers, pastors with their own agendas have crept into the Christian congregations [the Church] with twisted schedules, thoughts, apostate agendas, paganism, One World Government mindsets, Dominion Theology, "Heaven on Earth", New Age baloney,  etc., so we ought to define these terms and EDUCATE the flock, although the Bible is quite clear that these things WILL come to be in the 'Last Days', thus all the warnings, but many are still trapped and duped.

For starters, there will be no 'Heaven on Earth' -- the two are separate, although one day the Earth will be transformed into a Paradise-- but thru God's hands only.  This pagan 'Earth Day' is a good example of the wrong thing getting injected into our minds and hearts-- and this year, Easter being not even mentioned, and squeezed out of the picture by an agent of the dark side, IMHO... who lives in the WH, who also took that holy time to further bash Israel, the 'apple of God's eye !'  And we wonder why we are having such horrific tornadoes down South with 250 already dead so far as of April 28th....  [Read the book:  AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL.]  I am convinced that Genesis 12:3 is still a very valid 'point' that is 'sticking' us [America] right now.  And Dominion Theology has to do with the incorrect, erroneous idea that somehow the Great Tribulation is already over, and Israel is is a non-starter, and irrelevant now days, so we must [supposedly] re-condition and clean up the world by ourselves, as our primary function and reason for living.  Fat chance, huh?  Glenn Beck makes that same mistake:  'that humans CAN govern and rule themselves.'  NO!  Humans CANNOT rule themselves!  For the last 6000 years God has made this issue crystal clear [read the book of Job] in His trial/ test with Satan-- that every form of human Gov't / Rule has fallen flat on it's face-- and the average longevity/ age for a civilization is about 200 years, and then they fall to another form of gov't.  God desires our rightful worship and reliance on Him to guild us, like a Father and son relationship, as  in the original Garden of Eden.  Satan disagreed with God, and here we are proving what happens when we act independently of God's Will-- just as Eve ate the forbidden fruit.   Folks, that's basically it, in a nut shell!  But few people on earth know or understand that one simple fact, and that's WHY it's so important for Christians to learn and share the GOSPEL!   To praise our holy God in heaven, magnify His holy name, and prove Satan a liar.   The devil claimed that humans are in the game solely for their own selfish desires-- their own skin, and indeed the scriptures tell that relatively few will go to heaven, or inherit the earth-- as we are all 'free moral agents' and not robots.  'GOD IS LOVE' -- but He is not one to be mocked, and there is a limit to His mercy and long suffering.

As Dirty Harry would say, "Do you feel lucky today, punk?"  Most people on earth would say, 'yes', and they refuse to bend knee to Jesus, and so they will perish.  Millions will enter heaven, we believe-- out of Billions 'Left Behind.'  We can and should pray that many more will accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, but God has His time piece and things will go down according to His Will... 'Let your kingdom come, let your will be done, on earth, also as it is in heaven.'  MOST folks don't yet understand that prayer... pity, and too few pastors either.  

I bet that there are hundreds of other fine Christian blogs that are mirroring the truth of the Bible-- but to know if they are or are not, we must at least know the basics of what is IN the Bible.  Satan is a brilliant general who is doing a great job of distracting the whole world with various means and wiles  so we don't "have time" to study the bible.  The rat race of just earning a living, entertainment, the poor world economy, hunger, disasters, immorality, drugs and drunkenness, famines, political strife and lies, you name it!   Satan is such a great liar and salesman that he peeled away one third of the angels of heaven to leave and rebel against  the Father, Jehovah.  Who will we stand for-- who's side will we line up on??  Prove it!  Words are cheap.    Share this post with others.
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