Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sipping Juice.

Tom's Journal.

I thought I'd pass on some great ideas and Links from my friend, Mark Hoppe, fellow soldier of Christ and smart buddy, IMHO.  I expect some of the readers will say, "Oh, Tom's got a brand new toy and is hung up on a new 'theory' or health kick..." I well remember sharing some good things with the public, like:  The DEFINED KJV Bible, which helped many people understand the old, archaic English terms - Shakespearean of 1611, and I still love that translation!  Lately, a dear friend of mine, another helicopter crew chief/ gunner sent me a Scofield KJV Study Bible in the mail, and I thought that was the toast of the town, and I still love and cherish it-- great for deep study and understanding!  You see, we can embrace different concepts, tools to help us, study regimens, but we can NEVER skip the tether or cut the rope or chain that holds us near to God.  Hey!  It's the pure KJV Bible that we adhere to-- and NOT fancy words from some higher learning school of worldly beliefs.  The Bible was written by MEN who were inspired BY GOD: ~2nd Timothy 3:16.  Don't let some unbelieving worldly person drag you into his swamp of  fancy mindsets that tend to draw you away from the Bible !!   It's really a dung heap on it's way to hell... lol.  Well, if it really works, and the proof is in the pudding, DON'T FIX IT!!  Maybe it's like AA and alcoholics, time will prove what works and what doesn't work.   Who stays sober for the Lord-- and who keeps relapsing to get more DUI's.  So let's use a poor old fat man who struggles with sin and the world of foolishness, imperfect  crippled sinner man that I know"  Old Soldier Tom!  Some people just hate me [mostly for what I STAND FOR-- Pure Biblical Christianity, and Salvation through Christ's Blood alone-- not our past or present "works" or achievements].  Too many unbelievers think [thanks to greedy pastors, churches, stupid tradition, priests]  that they can "earn", work, donate, help the poor folks-- and somehow use those 'merits' to get into heaven..Ha! Sorry, it don't work that way.  We get to heaven from simple Grace from God-- from BELIEVING and accepting Jesus as our personal Savior!  There's a little more to it than that, but that is the simplified way to look at heaven.  If you want scriptural proof-- just contact me and I will gladly supply the proof from the Bible!  And many people LOVE me for who and what I am -- a very simple soldier of Christ, a poor, miserable sinner who knows that God's Word, the Bible is the only way to set the matter straight, the highest, last, final, 'Judge' of everything, every one, thought and deed.  

I am pretty much at the end of my rope too, having tried all the gimmicks and wasting my hard earned money on fraudulent TV ads,  BS [berry sap] and lies of how to stay slim and lose weight.   I can post nice pix of me when I was a power lifter about 12 years ago.  But after you've had a number of accidents, broken bones and arthritis, you can't exercise and pump iron like you USED TO!  Good things God looks at your heart rather than what we look like... lol.    Not that living forever on earth is my goal, but quality of live appeals to me, and a fat man doesn't have that good  life, in my opinion.  Too much pressure on my feet, ankles, knees and heart... me thinks.  Better late than never, and I could serve the Lord better too, I bet.   That's just my opinion, friends.Check out:  Omega Juicers.  Email:   -- I have so many carrots on my kitchen table and the machine is all washed clean and ready to juice!  I am like a kid in a candy shop!

After breakfast, I MADE time to visit my dear old Mom, in Burlington, about 12 miles away, just West of my small town, and I huffed and puffed up to her 2nd story, by elevator- but much walking, to Mom's well- kept apartment for a couple hours to visit and chat.  Now you see, because of the good, warm treatment and out stretched hands of genuine love and compassion at Sharon's funeral at Union Grove Baptist church-- about 3 weeks ago,  my mother has a FAVORABLE attitude towards our church members!!  They went out of their way to make her feel wanted, cared for and comfortable.  They showed genuine interest in her and offered help and directions many times.    She enjoyed the pastor's 'fair well address' at the funeral at church and gave a great message of 'salvation through Christ' that was tailored for 'unbelievers' and relatives.  I would say that Pastor George Schlegel  did a GREAT job -- on that night of sorrows, and would not accept one penny, nor the organist !  That's my "home church" that I help support with my tithes, etc.
      My Mom and I did a lot of talking  today about the 'good old days' compared to May of  2011, and the price of modern health care, doctors, etc.  We talked about my own  Chrysler retirement  'benefits'  compared to my siblings and their particular challenges-- but it boils down to: quality of life after you get older, security, aches/ pains and lack of motion, walking, etc.   Mom is in her mid- 80's and legally blind.  If you don't have a descent health care arraignment/ Insurance,  you are in bad shape-- and a difficult, expensive operation or accident can literally wipe out  all your life savings and investments $$$!   In my own case, I can only walk with 2 canes and not very quickly-- but I have a great power scooter!  Seems like surgery is more of a game of chance-- toss  your dice, and take your chances with the 'doctors' now days.  Hey-- there is always two sides of the story-- but what gets me is the LIES doctors, nurses, and staff give you BEFORE the operation!  My own results were/ are lacking and sorry, and I have already heard a TON of other Veterans telling me the same horror stories of ill treatment and results... even near death experiences -- although some walk away happy and satisfied!  And from now on when someone attacks my blog or character-- we will play MY game, and stick to the Bible for every argument.  Non-Believers can't handle that game and want to pull you away from God's Word, into their own phycho- babble,  un-godly higher education game.  Paul said: "The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."  ~1st Cor. 3:19.  Unbelievers are frustrated because they don't have the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible-- so they toss it aside and try to drag you in the swamp of man's so-called 'books of wisdom' and big words of dung heap 'politically correct' baloney of no meaning, to disorient you!!  Be warned:  God can see your phony game of 'politically correct' games of  smoke and mirrors.  To that sort I apply Matthew 7:6.

I hope to see the family of the little 6 year old boy who got accidentally run over by a Christian school bus --tomorrow at church, and help/ encourage them if I can.  It's not about fixing blame-- it's about comforting and celebrating a saved life after the fact, and helping them re-adjust and get on with their life.  I heard the shoulder surgery went well, and the boy is doing OK... and the Mom calmed down a little.  Someone in the world has always got it worse than you.   I will pray for the family too, of course.  And yes, we do bring food over for the sick, stricken, poor, needy, injured people that come to our church-- we take care of our own.  My money/ tithes help facilitate those very things plus help our missionaries in all parts of the world, etc.  But what's more important?  A few good hot meals on wheels-- or real loving bible study with a new person so he/ she don't go to hell?? You see, the worldly unbelievers can't figure that out... duh.  They wrap themselves in the Mantle of  the Liberal Left mentality of a 'nanny state' and PERVERT the Word of God, which they can't understand.. and never will unless they humble themselves to discard their superior, prideful sense of 'higher learning' BS, and get right with the Lord-- but studying His Word!  And if they can't use the bible to make their point-- they will attack the messenger... me.  Hey!  Not to worry-- it comes with the territory.  They love to bully real Christians like an attorney does.  They can't stand to see any people who call themselves Christian without knit picking their past life/ sins and falls, making up their own lists of traditional, worldly mindsets of "what good people ought to be doing."  They won't get to heaven that way. 

And now, here are some tips on how, when and why to drink healthful juices in your life!  Great Links to check out!!

Warm Regards,

You say that sipping juice is better than gulping it. How come? 

Yes, gulping any liquid will reduce absorption.  It will fill up the bladder and move through the elimination tract quickly.
Your body will have a rate of how fast it will use nutrients.  After exercise for example and after sleep there is a faster rate. 
If you juice or use high nutrient liquids to drink, sip it. When you gulp it, you will see that you have to urinate more.  When you sip it, you don’t have to urinate as much.  It is interesting.

(Col 3:2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.
Mark Hoppe