Monday, May 9, 2011

Anger of the Nations.

Tom's Journal.

I don't know why I am so happy again... but I just talked to an old friend who used to teach for the University of Wisconsin, also a well read biblical Christian.  I compare that to living in a strange land where English isn't spoken very much, and you find someone who does!  When I first got to Germany in early 1968, and was on a train to my first duty station, Illisheim, a small town of 300, with a few thousand American G.I.'s on post,  I didn't get off at the right place but went all the way to Stuttgart by accident.  I got off into the Banhoff [train station] and looked all over for any one who could speak English and finally saw a black guy, thinking he MUST be a G.I., but he spoke nothing but French..Ha! What a bummer, so I had to back track to get to the correct place, and it was cold in January.  

Well, building on my last 2 posts, when a Christian throws out certain well know terms like:  "Rapture, Saved, Born Again, Great Tribulation, Salvation thru the blood of the Lamb, etc." we think that other people who attend church and "call" themselves Christian would know what we are talking about !!  But they don't, and you can tell so well just by looking at their face-- kind of like a German Sheppard hound dog staring into a fan on a hot day... duh.  In fact WE speak a 'different tongue' that you might call, 'Bible-ese.'   Because EVERYONE who has the Holy Spirit and studies the Bible in good form KNOWS what it's all about!   Just like an Army TM [technical manual]  I am NOT saying that we are any better than others-- but if we are indeed Saved, that means we are going to heaven.  Period. Are we perfect?  Heavens NO!  We still sin, but one would hope that we apply what we read and follow Christ as much as we can while on earth as sinners.  I just think that this is such a cool concept.  We ought NOT to be smug or have a superior attitude about us, because we didn't really deserve our crown of glory-- Jesus did it all for us.  And for many of us-- it's still hard to remind ourselves that as things get MUCH worse on earth economically, with more violence, more disrespect for us and our Gospel of Jesus Christ, and almighty God, Himself -- our salvation draws near, every minute, every day!  And so the bondage between 2 real Christians is such a valued, wonderful thing!  Thank you, Lord.  And thank you, M.E., for brightening up my day and feeling a bit of my pain after a great loss.  Who knows that the Lord may be ready to bless TWO people in the future, and make things easier in these last days.  "Do not become unevenly yoked with UN-believers." ~2nd Cor. 3:16.  And in Eccl:  'If one falls down, the other can pick him up.'  Don't worry--I am NOT counting my chickens before they're hatched, or even IF they hatch.  But perhaps, 'one hand could wash the other' and benefit him or her.

My son, Andy, and my cleaning lady should come here tomorrow, and that will be a welcome sight and help.  I went shopping for some greens and salad fixins' today and cashed my Federal tax check at the bank-- which wasn't that much, but better than a sharp stick in the eye.. LOL!  I feel the Lord is blessing me, but not to get heady-- we may well die in our sleep tonight.   I look upon that as a blessing too.
   And for all those I have offended lately-- I am truly sorry... remember that I am ONLY a man, only a poor sinner.

Why do the 'Nations' ALL hate Israel??  Find out below.


Q. What has caused so much hatred for Israel?  Why do so many countries want to attack and destroy her?  It seems that this has been the case for many, many years and I just wonder when it all started. A.  The world’s dislike for Israel actually began when God chose the Jewish people as [...]
What is in the meat you eat !!

Two Parts.  Your meat has Glue in it:

Fast Forward to min 5:10 to where they start about the cows. 
This is sick! We are an evil people... 
May G-d have mercy on us.