Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prez 'curses' Israel.

Tom's Journal.

Can you believe what our "Prez" just said about the borders of Israel today, being pulled back to the 1967 level??  Not that it surprises me that much, but this ought to kick things into over drive among other things-- like bring huge disasters to America and soon!  See: Genesis 12:3.  From the book I was just lauding, "As America has done to Israel" ... we stand to have a major disaster following Barry's tasteless, idiotic rant, and perhaps in the next 48 hours!  I will be very surprised if nothing happens, and I don't mean the Mississippi flooding thing either... something bigger than that, I think.  I also think that our monetary system-- the American dollar can and will fail soon, with millions of hard working people losing their savings, etc.

On top of all this, I made an appointment with a Kenosha, WI., "Civilian" Orthopedic surgeon next week to discuss replacing the other [left] knee.  I figure I better use my Chrysler Ins soon before it dries up in any collapse...Ha!  And I can never trust the Milwaukee VA to mess up the other knee and abuse me while I am there.  I actually fear for my life at the VA! Sorry.... but this is what kind of medical care the USA can look forward to if Barry and the Lefties gets their way. 

So America is OUT OF THE RECESSION, huh?  Always look for some major collapse when the head of the treasury makes such an announcement-- beware!  Personally, I am not out of danger either, and most middle class people will be hurt, IMHO.  This is why, I believe talking/ wasting our precious time with goofy politics is a dead end-- when we SHOULD BE GROWING CLOSER TO JESUS CHRIST, BEFORE the storm!!  And I am talking mainly to CHRISTIANS!  Most of the Church is misled-- if not corrupt, and people just need to get down to basic Bible reading and study, personally, and in small family groups.  It might boil down to '1st Century style' meetings in people's houses, etc., 3-5 families.  I hope that I am wrong about this too.

And although I do have some very good friends-- I know that I can't depend on any human for physical support when I am laid up again from more surgery-- but I must be totally dependent upon the Lord.  That means humbling myself big time and walking in the path of truth and righteousness, and perhaps living like a   Sorry if this sounds too bizarre and crazy, friends.  I am not trying to freak you out or disturb your sensibilities.  But I was a boy scout [Be Prepared] when very young in Milwaukee, but joined 4-H when we bought the farm in Racine county.  I raised 2 White face Hereford steers [plus many other chores that made me strong in many ways]  and sold them for a pretty penny when I was a teenager, in high school.

Please pray also for my family, mother, etc., who need to know the Lord, and worry they for me now with all the heavy load that bares down on my chest and shoulders.  Things are changing so fast that it makes my head spin and hurt, and now worried about my high blood pressure, and my Mom's too. "Hang on Sloopy, hang on!"

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman