Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sharing what works-- for me.

Tom's Journal.

When I have 'too much on my plate,' and feel like the weight of the world is caving in on me, I employ some things I've learned to help me keep my sanity and plow ahead.  "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors."  I consult with my inner circle of wise Christian brethren, and close, trusted, fellow Vietnam Veteran friends.  I  dive into the Bible and cherry pick special scriptures that deal with the problem I have-- but this is really my FIRST resort/ choice.  Friends, there is something called a 'Bible trained conscience,' which means that the sum total of our pure Bible knowledge from all the sermons, councils, meetings and intense Bible study, all form a net work in our minds and hearts as to WHAT WE SHOULD DO IN A EMERGENCY.  Remember, if you don't put the right godly facts into you head-- how can we draw them out-- just like a bank??  Unbelievers are working with an 'empty bank account'... sorry.  As we will see in the fine article below-- it's not about 'living a so-called 'GOOD' life,  and depending on our "good works" and donating to the poor or charities!'   Our best works and charities are but 'filthy rags' before the Lord IF we have not confessed Jesus as our PERSONAL Lord and Savior!!  Get it?

The Lord found me back in the Winter of '94-95 in Milwaukee when I was truly at the end of my rope in a sleazy upper apartment [one room above a cockroach infested bar on St.Paul], after I finally got down on my knees and begged Him to show me/ put me on the right path of TRUE religion/ Faith and follow Him.   Many things started changing after that.  I didn't all of a sudden become a Saint/ perfect man, but it was the beginning of a special enlightenment and true love of my Lord, Jesus Christ... and I am still working on it-- and God is still working on me.  I feel like my pride and accomplishments have been the major obstacles in my life, preventing me from progress in my journey of pure Christian living-- BUT, I am learning how to beat that 'work of the flesh' down, by begging God for humility and reading the Bible-- especially Psalms and Proverbs, etc.

What troubles me is that I see too many other people at churches who have been coming for many years, but still have trouble with basic bible retention and knowledge... because I love to talk to them and she notes, etc.  We all come to know the Lord and bible are different times in our lives, and Praise the Lord, that we did get Saved!!  But I guess that some of us just have a greater love for the Scriptures than others.  That's why I like FB [FaceBook] where I can find some great Bible scholars/ Believers who really delve into the deeper waters and challenge my mind!  My close friends are also a great source of encouragement to me when I am down and depressed with disasters and loss of loved ones, etc.

But we all have to start somewhere, just like little babies, crawl, walk and run.  My personal niche in life is handing out Bible Tracts, Inc., and I get the best from Mark Smith, of WVCY Christian radio, 107.7 FM, Milwaukee, or on the Net.  I also engage many strangers in bible discussions and then introduce the Bible, and often GIVE THEM AWAY!   It truly gives me a good feeling and I feel the Spirit helping me all the way--even while writing my blog too!

These days when I feel over-loaded with bone crushing weight-- I write lists of prioritized important things to do, and also write them on my calendar, so I don't forget.   I have a few wrist watches that tell the correct time, and have always been on time and met my appointments in a timely manner.  that's important to me, but my Dad [and the Army] also instilled many of these things in me.

It's a cool Saturday in Wisconsin, and I feel truly blessed to have a sturdy, old, house, compared to all the people where the tornadoes struck with a vengeance last week in MO, and blew away everything they had.  Pray.  Drive safe this week end. I hope you know that MANY people will drink- drive- and get killed in the next 3 days... but it doesn't have to be that way.  Here is an old pic of me while flying-- Door Gunner-- 240th AHC, BearCat, Vietnam.  Age 21. --1970.

Tom Schuckman   

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