Sunday, June 12, 2011

Protect the 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

One man's opinion below may SEEM a bit much-- and over the line, BUT... I know a bit about criminals, and that they prefer defenseless, unarmed PREY/ victims.  The Amish church-school children that was slaughtered a few years ago is a shining example, but ALL school and universities, etc., need to be protected!!  With all the extensive back ground checks [if done right] we can pretty much strain out/ ferret out the criminal element, and TRAIN responsible, mature, citizens to safely arm themselves, take the gun safety class, and watch over the flock.   That is MY opinion too.  

And please,  spare me all the twisted, manipulated data that crime has gone down in America!  What a sham!  When people get desperate, jobless, or just crazy on drugs-- crime takes off like 'Moony's goose.'  And with the cut back in critical services, fire, rescue and police, or disasters like Katrina, or any heavily Democrat-Lefty city, crime will rise, and in minutes, to overwhelm a major area's  law enforcement infra structure.  

When I lived in Milwaukee [in 1995, while attending MATC] around 35th and Wells area where girls sell themselves for $5., just enough to buy more Crack Cocaine, the criminal element/ gangs were better armed than the local Milwaukee police!!  They could bring up a 'home boy' from Chicago to make a hit [murder some one], and then bring him back to the Windy City where he would melt into the wood work again-- and NEVER be found.  Let's face it-- money buys anything, just like the drug gangs/ cartels  across the Southern border.  Even the Roman empire was brought down by drugs and strong drink-- and then over run by other countries who were hungry for riches and conquest.  It's a cycle, from slavery to the 'top dog' in the neighborhood-- and then back down again.   And the ONLY cure is God's Kingdom-- on heaven and earth.  Matt. 6:9.

In the meantime, Christian DO HAVE THAT RIGHT to bear arms [according to our wonderful U.S. Constitution], and the Bible, to protect ourselves against all foreign and DOMESTIC violence and wrongful action-- even the Federal illegal seizures and infringements of our civil rights.  

The biggest problem is that we Americans are too lazy to pick up and read our Constitution [and Bibles], also being functionally illiterate!!!  

Beautiful day in Wisconsin, and I expect 2 visitors in a few hours, to pick up my hound dog, and for my sister to keep some of my papers and new keys for the house-- I had to change the locks yesterday [actually, my 2 buddies did it for me] because 'SOME ONE' refused to return my keys...  but all is well now.  Could we please pray for some of my dear friends who have to deal with diabetes, severe arthritis, my Mom, Bill T, an Steve B., sister Linda, and me too.  Thank Billy T., Jr., for cutting and trimming my grass yesterday.  And remember that:     -- is the web site where you can buy a copy of the "DEFINED KJV Bible" for $20. so you can learn all the Old English terms that will allow you to UNDERSTAND the pure original text that shows us salvation from Jesus' blood sacrifice.  PTL.  Have a great day!
Beatles' song.. "Happiness is a warm gun"  ... lol.  The good old days at CuChi in early 1968--Republic of Vietnam [RVN].


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