Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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The following info is interesting, and it seems fair and balanced... but Christians should/ MUST add another dimension to this equation if they haven't already been corrupted by New Age/ false prophet, Dominionism, baloney which has infiltrated the "church."  Exacerbating fiscal/ money, currency, inflationary tsunamis are about to crush most of the world, including the USA [IMO], and I have been tooting my horn about this the past few years!  I have personally been forced to endure verbal abuse, laughter, and ridicule, concerning my mindset of storing up a few extra cans of food, and silver, etc., from many, including a few local preachers!  
    I hold with Jan Markel's Christian philosophy which I just post yesterday:  We know that the Rapture WILL come to save all REAL Christians on earth, but we may very well suffer some of the 'pre-trib' economic 'fall out' in the mean time.  Better to Be PREPARED, than be sorry.

And, sorry to say, too many 'Christians' are already 'left behind' with the world of Satan as they try to straddle the fence.  And if those kind of people figure that they might be able to promote- support some political agenda [even as some candidates like the TX Gov. Rick Perry looks good..and conservative, or who ever.], the KJV Bible says other wise.  Period.  Just my hot, humid thoughts sitting in Wisconsin.  The air temp. is about 86 degrees F. and very HUMID!!  But I am not complaining one bit.  Thank you, Lord.

I miss my noble hound dog, 'Deuce' the Rotty, but I asked my brother, Albert, and his son, Billy Schuckman, to please take care of him another 2-3 weeks, to make sure I am healed enough to care for Deuce properly.  I miss my doggie boy.....

WARM Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.