Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Herbal Chart.

Tom's Journal.

I am feeling much better today-- even with the extreme heat!  PTL!  Thank you, Lord.

I have been interested in Herbs for healing ever since I got married in 1970, and my dislike for abusive doctors who loved to 'lord it over' us 'brainless, brutish,  unwashed lower' --made me study and memorize herbs all the more faster-- to heal myself through knowledge of common herbs, nutrition, fasting, etc., and eliminate some of the doctor visits, etc.  It worked for the most part, and I think that I am alive right now because of my knowledge and use of Herbs for my challenges and health concerns!  Please check out and copy this Herbal Chart for your own use.  You won't be sorry.  Along with the Bible being my 'first love' the study of herbs and Veterans' concerns are a close runner up 2nd.

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