Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Holy Spirit.

Tom's Journal.

I was happy to learn a bit more about the Holy Spirit in the short article below and thought I should share it with my readers on this nice HOT day in Wisconsin.  I am blessed with Air Conditioning and spent some bucks on the central air and new furnace installation shortly after I bought this 100 year old house about 9 years ago, so I could get closer to Mom in her old age who lives about 12 miles away.  My dad used to say, "People can't have it both ways-- bitch about the cold weather and then bitch about the hot weather."  We didn't have A/C when we were growing up on the farm..Ha!  And Vietnam was not an air conditioned environment, nor AMC/ Chrysler for the next 30.5 years!  I spoil myself a little bit in my senior years because I worked hard all my life and earned it, and don't feel bad or guilty one tiny bit!  But it seems like the so-called "poor" people in the USA who never worked now demand that the Gov't support them in comfort and luxury!  I say:  LET THEM WORK!  

I feel that I am getting better now with less pain and less stiffness but it's still going to be about 6 months before I know the full extent of my disability in walking, etc., even after I lose more weight.  

My good friend, Bill Tippet came over yesterday to visit  with his son, and bought me some fruit, like Bing Cherries, plums, grapes and pears, and that was nice of him.  My new diet is all about eating fruit and drinking pure water-- AND IT WORKS FOR ME!!  Now I just have to keep working and stretching my left knee, leg and calf as much as I can-- according the nice Physician's Assistant that I went to see yesterday at KMH- hospital as scheduled for a Post-Op check up.  Remember that she is the one who took my side when I told the good Dr. Shapiro that they were feeding me RAT POISON in the form of blood thinners Post-Op to prevent blood clots from killing me-- Cumadin and Warferin meds [sp?].  I try to do my research and have a wealth of good, smart friends, who had the same sort of surgery.. lol.

"Warm" Regards,

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Q. Does the Holy Spirit leave us when we die?  Does giving up the ghost mean separating from the Holy Spirit or merely separating our body from our spirit?  What about all the people that have died? Do they get the Holy Spirit back when they are resurrected, or were they never separated? A. The [...]