Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mid-East Prophecy Update.

Tom's Journal.

I feel that I have really 'caught a tiger by the tail' this time, borrowing a new video from a nice Christian sister on FB today, and it makes sense to me.  But let me make a disclaimer, please:  I am NOT setting a date.  The speaker is NOT setting a date either!  We are NOT setting a date.   But if we could use the clarification:  'It's not probable-- but it could be possible.'  

As for me, Old Soldier Tom Schuckman, IF I think something has a high degree of probability-- I WILL prepare, make a judgement, a choice, a bet, so  some degree of feasibility, much prayer-- and I have usually wound up landing on my feet.  Yes, I have made many mistakes and paid for many of them dearly, but remember:  I am in this relationship with God and Jesus Christ forever!  The long haul--eternity... although now after all this time, it seems a bit scary to me.  Just like all the time of boring combat training/ preparation in the USA, and then finally going into combat to test all I've been taught as a young soldier-- the 'proof is in the pudding!'  My very life is in the balance!  So... no matter what goes down in the world or the USA is miniscule--small potatoes, compared to what COULD be coming in September 2011.  We KNEW that things are pretty close anyway, and Israel is on trigger control all the time to defend herself-- being all alone in the world surrounded by her mortal, hateful, heathen enemies.  
     IMHO, this stuff just may be why God has allowed [or prevented] some things to happen to me recently, like no more relationships, etc.  Better to have a clear mind, a clear conscience, and clear sailing.  Ponder on this material, dear friends.   I am not putting too much emphasis on the 'comet'/ dwarf star thing!  That is just a normal, natural happening that we may or may not see, IMO.  I have heard of magnetic pulls and alignments that have some effects on 'terra firma.'  But I am certainly not knowledgeable about these things.  I JUST FIND THIS STUFF VERY INTERESTING when coupled together with all the other things happening at the same time. 
Anyway... the whole time frame has caused me to think ahead and change some of my spending habits and mind set.   Always will I continue to dig deeply into God's Word and study as much as I can.  Just thought I would pass this around about the UN pushing to make Palestine a State in a few months-- and I think we can expect some 'fireworks' then too. 


To my brothers and sisters in Christ,  God bless you.

Tom Schuckman
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