Monday, August 8, 2011

Exciting Times of Melt Down-- and still the D.C. Blame Game.

Tom's Journal.

Knowing the things in the 2 short articles below are not so important that they would prevent us from entering heaven...But, they sure are exciting for me to finally understand and get straight in my head!!  The Light gets brighter and brighter for us that seek wisdom from the Scriptures!  

Well, my fellow Americans, how do ya like them apples... we lost over 500 points in the Stock Market on Friday and another 600 today!!  I don't consider myself 'short on faith' because I worry a little bit, but most of that is because perhaps I 'spread myself a bit thin on credit too' these past few years-- and some sickness, death in the family, etc.  And I have no control over what the satanic Gov'ts on earth do, besides always take the easy way out, the way of least discomfort or wisdom... lol.  After all, 'wide and spacious is the path leading to destruction..' --book of Matt.  

I also wish that I could hire someone to clean my big refrigerator... LOL!  I know that I am somewhat spoiled and not regimented like I used to be.  On the other hand, there were times in my life when I thought that I would end up working hard forever [when I was laid off from Chrysler] and die in a poor man's grave-- and now I see the 'tables turned' for me and some of my siblings and relation and friends!!  I think that finding the Lord and serving Him might have something to do with that.  I looked up the word:  Sagacity, today and was pleasantly surprised-- because that is one quality that I really wanted to acquire in my life time.  And I hope we all know what the beginning of Proverbs has to say about this subject, because it's that important, IMO.  The first 3 chapters of 1st Corinthians has much to say about it too.  If the pay was right, I wish I could have been a college professor, but also a firm, serious Bible student and Christian Evangelist ... or perhaps mix the two somehow.  

I still think about those brave Navy SEALS who got shot down the other day in Afghanistan, and just think that:  as a  simple crew member/ door gunner with the 240th AHC, at Camp BearCat, RVN, we used to FLY in helicopters 7 days a week for a whole year or more!!! It all seems fun and games until someone you know gets hurt or killed...  I don't think we ever worried about getting hurt over there in Vietnam until the last month or so, when our thoughts about coming home were more apparent and hopeful.  And now our own sons and grandsons are "over there" in combat again, perhaps because some liberal goofball thought he could "TALK"  his way out of a fight or war, just as we are doing now, knowing full well that Iran already has nuclear capabilities!!!  "OK, Iran and North Korea, no cake and ice cream for you guys tonight!"  Shame- Shame.  And even now with more bad news coming every day concerning the economic melt down-- they are still playing the "Blame Game" in D.C.!!  Satan thinks this is so perfect because he can keep the world all tied up and chasing their tails with this crises and the next while Heaven's stop watch is clicking way the minutes before the Lord calls up His anointed ones to a better place.
[Here is a Link --  2 hour message about Secret Societies, and so very important and well documented!!  Please Share!  --Tom S   >>>>]

To some of my closest buddies who are older than me and still working their buns off-- and don't know why:  "Lower your standard of living, and RETIRE [into poverty like the rest of us-- and still be happy] !!"  You will have more time to visit, spend with your grand kids and study the KJV Bible too.  See:

Will things on earth get worse??  What does the Bible plainly say??  Yes!  But we don't have to worry so much since we know where we are going.  Heaven!

Warm Regards,

Q. Some Christians believe that the spirit and soul go to heaven at the time of physical death.  Others say that the spirit goes to heaven but the soul sleeps until the resurrection. I find this a confusing issue as I believe that the spirit and soul are in inseparable and both go to heaven.  [...]
Q. I was wondering about an odd thought that popped into my head this week.  It’s about an unequally yoked married couple.  Say the wife is saved and the husband is not.  When the rapture occurs she’ll be taken away by Jesus while her husband is left behind.  If he gets saved during the tribulation [...]