Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The center of trhe world is ISRAEL.

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Derek Talley
11:19pm Sep 20
Here are the notes from the podcast. In these notes I confront Arianism, but I'm still planning on making episodes that witness to and confront the heresies of Modalism, Socinianism, and Universalism. http://www.facebook.com/l/kAQC0DAROAQA423GFvTrlXME5JNx7v_9kTYo4VDM_V83ksA/www.scribd.com/fullscreen/22522783?access_key=key-10kyre027zg0ljnjhre9

I hope that I am not doing wrong  by 'borrowing' something really good and wholesome like this short video from a fellow Christian on FB, and U-tube.  This is so direct, to the point, and logical, IMHO.

I want to share some personal thought with you folks today, my friends and readers, if I may.  You all know that I am still fighting loneliness and depression from the loss of 2 very loved ones who passed since April 9th, plus more knee surgery, and things are healing and getting a bit better-- I am NOT crying in my beer.  My mindset and strategy mostly come from the Bible, PTL [praise the Lord], and I am now planting the message/ imbedding it into my mind and heart, that:  'the general consensus both biblically, and with the 'body of born again Christians around the world-- that the rapture COULD come soon!'  Especially now with the latest hostilities of the PLO- so-called 'Palestinian leaders' and Arab world who want to push Israel off the map and annihilate them!!   WAKE UP!  They don't want any kind of peace and never did!  They are at the UN now trying to push their wicked agenda, and Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place.  
This really concerns the entire world of mankind right now!  And "Israel IS the center of the world."

I just feel that now is the time to really be prepared for ANYTHING coming down the pike at any time!  The Bible clearly states that war will have to come for the State of Israel to defend itself-- and when that day does come, it will affect the entire world, including the USA.  As if we didn't have 'enough fish to fry' right now with our economic melt down and worse.  We are tanking, IMO, because we [collectively as a nation] are disrespecting, hurting, and throwing God's own people, ISRAEL, under the bus!!  See:  Genesis 12:3... repeat- repeat!   And yes, I am excited.  Talk about a 'soldier getting ready to go to war...!'  Anyone who has read my blog in the last few years knows how I feel about the sacred promises of God Almighty, concerning the salvation through Jesus Christ alone, the soon coming rapture.  

Now... even a rat knows enough to abandon a sinking ship-- and why polish the brass when the ship is going down.  I don't think, at least in my own personal life/ time frame, that sallying forth on a strange path or fork in the road is the right thing to do right now [we could have a totally NEW currency soon!] -- although I admit that I am too lonely and vulnerable right now, living all alone with my faithful hound dog, Deuce, the Rottweiler.  I get encouragement from regular church meetings and fellowship, but I am a gregarious, friendly, social guy -- kind, loving and a bit too emotional lately, and just feel the 'need' for Christian female companionship.  I don't think I am totally washed up at age 62, and have adequate income to pay the bills, etc, having worked all my live long days, and I am not ugly.... lol.  I am on track for joining a health club again soon and losing another 60 pounds-- I already lost 54, and feel better, with less weight on my arthritic joints, etc.  PTL.  It will also help me breath better when sleeping with my CPAP machine.

So that is my personal dilemma, and I pray constantly to do the correct thing and keep my nose clean and not to sin.  At least my bionic knees are starting to heal now after the June 14th replacement operation in Kenosha, WI., but there is really no one to look in on me or comfort me-- and that is starting to get old... short of my cleaning lady... bless her pea-pickin' heart.

Please pray for the welfare of my special friends, Joe vanden Mullen with his eye surgery, and Bill Tippett, with his heart condition- and possible surgery, etc., my dear old Mom who might be moving soon because the Gov't subsidized assisted living apartment in Burlington, WI will NOT enforce it's own NO SMOKING rules so that other nasty, selfish people there smoke against the rules and it circulates and hurts my Mom's health as she is legally blind and age 85!!  She doesn't want me to get involved- as she is afraid of retaliation with threats already for JUST, ONLY seeking her RIGHTS, but I know that the pen is mightier than the sword, and I used to get published in the local news papers in the past.

It's a beautiful Fall day in S.E. Wisconsin with the sun out, and I just might grill a T-bone steak in the back yard, and let the dog get his running time in.  God bless and strengthen all Believers and servants of Jesus Christ.

Christian Love,
Tommy  >>> and here is me about 15 years ago.


9:55am Sep 20

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