Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning Experience.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I just have a happy, sober, realistic, mature out look on life today-- and at least the sun is out for part of the day, but high winds are supposed to come this aft in S.E Wisconsin.
  Every once in a while I need to just pull back and take stock of my life, situation to get a fresh prospective. Besides careful consideration of the Bible, I normally call, email some of my good buddies all over America, visit and ask their advice, and most of them are Christians and combat Veterans with plenty of experience, smarts and insight....  so then I add the sum total and make my final decision. Proverbs:  'There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.'
    I am always reaching out to meet and make new friends, usually brothers and sister in the Faith, and don't we all have our guide lines to discriminate somewhat?   Hard, painful experience has taught me to beware the wrong kind of people who are "takers" rather than "givers"-- and I am NOT pointing to anyone in particular! "Winners win-- and losers lose" but isn't it strange how the proud, haughty, independent folks always seem to be in want and ever satisfied with their lot in life. Perhaps it's because they have their personal priorities all turned around, and just want things THEIR way ALL time time.  I had to figure that out for myself too in my past life-- but i am sure that the Holy Spirit had some bearing on it too.  Isn't it amazing what a little humility and Bible study can do for a sinner man??    Sure we all 'take' --but it's nice and correct to be "balanced" and the Bible tells us what God sees as being "NORMAL" and proper, even as we are ALL sinners and fall 'short of the mark' of perfection. The book of Ephesians talks about the real meaning of "Love."  It's a short book that we can all read in 2 hours or less... but few will ever crack that sound book open.   I could NEVER live with a perfect woman-- because she would just magnify all my imperfections with intensity under a bright light,  and show me to be 'wanting' [Old English term].  
    I was just finishing my Prime Rib dinner from yesterday for my lunch today, along with kidney bean salad and broccoli, and I gave Deuce the Rottweiler, the bone, and what a happy hound!  He has fresh dog food and water, but we all know what he's going to eat first... huh?  
     The 2011 Ford Escape is just too small for a 6 foot tall man as I am, but I will suffer through with the rental vehicle until my own Dodge 4 by 4 Ram is repaired.  I am going to trust my gut instinct and buy two new special tires for the back  before Winter, as they are over 4 years old and I just hate the way they slip on wet pavement...  sorry.   And when I turn on my 4 wheel drive with a twist of a small knob, it uses more gas/ fuel, and don't worry folks, that gas WILL return to $4 +/ gallon sooner than you want to consider.   I just don't feel like taking anymore chances with Old Betsy... my 2007 Ram-- "Big Horn edition," -- but I love my big, roomy truck that protects me like an armored combat tank!  Much harder times are coming, economically speaking, and other wise,  mark my word!  Mark the Bible's true Word too!  
      Yup,  sometimes "Silence is Golden" when a man just needs to be alone and sort things out to get his mind straight, and I never figured that silence was so important until today... lol.  Things are not so bad with me anyway and sometimes we need a dose of the loud,  noisy, disorganized, goofiness, style of  life to drive that point home...LOL, to appreciate the peace, quiet and orderliness, empowered by owning one's own house...PTL.  Thank you, dear Lord, for 'correcting me in your kindness-- and not in your wrath.'  You are a mighty, wise and just God. and I suppose we all need reminders.
Bless all real and true Believers who study your Word daily and share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, for they will sleep well at night.
   Thank you, Bro. Dan Totts, for your good wisdom and advice today.  

Warm Regards, Christian Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman