Friday, September 30, 2011

Rosh Hashanah.

Tom's Journal.

I had a good breakfast with a friend from another church I visited last Sunday in Racine, today in town, and he invited me to his church's 'breakfast club' and Bible study some Thursday, and I think that would be interesting.  My old motto:  'One never has too many friends.'  I can tell when another person speaks "Christian/ Bible" and most folks can't fake that language.  We ALL come to the Lord and knowledge of the Bible at various stages/ time/ maturity in our life, and that's OK-- it's logical.  We treat each other with love and kindness no matter what level of 'maturity' we are in full- well- knowing that we were all "babes in the Lord" at one time and had much to learn.  The difference is:  When a person is truly Saved and Christian, he/ she will start to be more humble and learn from others who have been there before-- but one who is fully committed will 'have a LOVE for the Bible-- and that means they READ and STUDY it regularly!'   I don't rad or study as much as I think I should-- I get lazy and too comfortable.   You can at least SEE SOME progress in their attitude, speech and actions.  I AM A SINNER.  Period.  I know what's right and wrong and have long studied the deeper things of the Lord and His Word-- but my flesh is weak, and I sin.  I must ask forgiveness every day/ every night, for my indiscretions, errors, short comings, sins, and falling short of the mark of perfection-- and God says that I am FORGIVEN!!  But only through the merit of my Lord Jesus' propitiatory, bloody, suffering and death on the cross!  Got to understand that important point-- Jesus is the reason for the forgiveness of my [our] sins.

Point:  After breakfast, I went to the local [or loco] Piggly Wiggly store in town for some fruit, etc., with only my one cane to support me as I wheeled the cart in front of me, and it was OK for a while.  But I was running out of breath and my knees and legs were hurting at the end, so I asked if one of the guys could help load the groceries to my rental car-- a  2011 Ford Escape -- kind of like a pregnant orange crate, with not enough leg room for a 6 ft. tall German-American, weight lifter, like me... lol.  My Ram truck is in the shop for repair...  I must admit that the sudden "exercise" is GOOD and important for me, and I need it.  But I am pushing it and I need to still take it easier, as it's only been since June 14th that the 'doctors' in Kenosha did a number on my Left knee-- total knee replacement, and I think sometimes older guys [like age 62] need a bit more time getting their 'sea legs' back, if you know what I mean.  Heck!  I think that I am making good progress, and praise the Lord that it's not Winter yet!  I wish I could get more sun on my face, as folks tell me that I look too pale and anemic.  But I can 'fix that' too.  

I just might visit another church this Sunday and see my old friends who are still alive, and meet new ones.  I was baptized there at VBC by pastor Earl B. Wise, in 1997 on a hot day in July, many moons ago, and still have friends there who care for me.  The pastor here in my home town of U.G. told me 'not to forget my "home church" ' ..LOL.  Not to worry-- but Old Soldier Tom has needs and desires too.  And if I can find my old swim suit, I will start pumping iron again soon and re-join the Kenosha, WI. YMCA to get myself in better shape... and I think that will help me lose even MORE weight!  I am doing it for MYSELF and my health, not to please other folks.  I am so happy to have lost another 10 pounds since my new VA doctor saw me 2 weeks ago!  Yes!
    So, it's another beautiful, cool, Fall day in WI, with some leaves falling amid some sunshine, and I am feeling great.  PTL.
    Thank you, all my dear friends for your nice, kind, comments on my Blog posts lately, and your emails!  I really love to get email and calls, and wish you all good health, blessings and kindness.  Times are exciting, scary, wicked, but the Lord sees all and He certainly blesses those who love Him and try to keep His Word in mind.  I am going to feed 'Deuce' the rest of my pizza from the other day-- he loves the meat!  Woo Woo.  Got to pay about $40 some bucks for a 40 pound sack of dog food! And the price of a good breakfast today seems to have really gone UP to about $9 for a country skillet-- and I was so hungry today!!!  
     I don't find it surprising that some people would trade their portion of food, for drugs, smokes, or booze, because I remember a POW in Germany saying just that of/ about his recollection of  WW-2, Concentration camp, that some would actually swap their food for one cigarette!  Talk about a 'monkey on your back.'  Sorry, I just don't have much pity for people who just refuse to get their priorities straightened out.  But don't worry, children, times will get much more worse and harder in the near future.  Some will wish they had treated me right/ better when I had my hat in my hand with silver in my pocket, looking for a simple hug.  I know that I am too emotional, and the loss of my passed wife still grieves me [my son, Andy too- killed in the month of May 2011], and I get very lonely at times with only 'Deuce' the Rottweiler for company....Ha!  But he's cool and entertains me.  I need a real Christian  lady close to my age [certainly not perfect] to hug and to hold, and to spoil, and to talk with-- something that can blossom into a serious relationship-- with the Lord included, down the road-- if the rapture doesn't precede...  I just can't have a real conversation with my dog-- although I have over heard more than a few women try to do just that... [joke].  yet they lacked proper words for humans, like

Time to kick back, enjoy retirement and get my mail.  It was so nice, and cool to retired with full Chrysler benefits after 30.5 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears on the assembly line-- making some life long good friends, at age 54!  Wow!  I made it, but most of us there got carpal tunnel, repetitive work related injuries, surgeries, and came out the 'walking wounded.'  Still have great medical/ health insurance/ benefits, but we earned them!  That didn't stop the company from just taking away some of our benefits without even consulting the retirees!  Oh well.  I also have 100% free [earned] med coverage from the VA [Gov't], so like I said, the Lord has blessed me, big time.  A few women engaged me just for that very coverage/ reason of health Ins., in the past.  
       But who really thinks that they can actually 'get away' with anything??  I found out that I am personally not smart enough to "get away" with sin, crime, deception, lying, etc., so I decided to just be a law abiding citizen of the USA, and things usually go right for me-- Old Soldier Tom, and that's the way it should be, IMHO.

Tom ....  at the Wall, in D.C., a few years ago.

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