Saturday, November 5, 2011

More about Agent Orange.

Tom's Journal.

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Friends, I forgot something and need to further clarify it concerning my new buddy in Vietnam SF that I met the other day at the VA in N.C. --- in regard to the Agent Orange dropped in Vietnam...   Friend, Dale, told me something that makes a lot of sense now that I've had time to think about it-- but I failed to mention.  Our Gov't found out that if they just sprayed the nasty chemical defoliant on the dense vegetation in RVN to deprive the enemy- VC cover-- the effect would prob just run into the ground.   To be more effective, from what I understand, our Gov't mixed in fiberglass with the Agent Orange and related chemicals so that the juice would 'cling' to everything on the ground-- including OUR skin, lungs, food, livestock, water, clothes, trees, leaves, EVERYTHING!!!  The people of South Vietnam and other places in the world are STILL PAYING A TERRIBLE PRICE TODAY!  Even so, our lying Gov't and VA have denied so many combat Veteran cases [and their children] that honestly merited compensation, healing, medicine, vindication and the TRUTH....Ha!  I even worked with a nice tall guy at AMC/ Chrysler in Kenosha, WI who died of a tumor in the brain when he must have been in his late 20's.  No Gov't is blameless and certainly not perfect, but poisoning her own brave soldiers, etc., and then lying about it all this time for decades is an abomination!!

God truly blessed this country  the first 100 years or so, partly because we always protected, welcomed, and supported the Jewish people throughout history when Europe and the Middle East persecuted them.  But now, along with abortion, corruption, the Homosexual agenda, and other gross perversions, etc., God is punishing US by attacking all of our "false gods"-- like the god of money, materialism, humanism, raging STD, our economy, IMHO, the watered down Gospel and corrupted, perverted modern Bibles that have deleted and changed the truth of God's Word, and more.  I tell everyone, not to scare them, but the future will continue to grow worse.  I suppose the old 'frog in the warm water' routine is also in play and most folks are extremely ignorant of their history-- and are doomed to repeat it. The frog thing?  If you put a frog in boiling water he will jump right out.  If you put the frog in cool water but increase the heart slowly, he will allow himself to be COOKED!   The Gov't does this to us all the time!  Hello!  And can we really believe the so-called "Media?"  Some folks honestly try to improve our lot in life here and in the world thru politics, legislation,  etc., and some of that is good-- but the real key  [sword] is in the hands of the Lord, and only He can and will cleanse the earth.  

I have been making some very nice, close friends lately, but one in particular, and we talk on the phone and email quite a bit.  I hope things turn out for us, but this time I am taking things much slower.  I pray things will work out for us, and if the Lord wills, things might grow. Anyway, I think I have been doing better and the work outs at the Gym/ YMCA  are just starting to show some benefits, PTL!  To make things really work, I need to go there about every other day for weight lifting, IMO,  just as I have done most of my adult life as a power lifter.  I get a stressed cardiac workout just walking there from my parked truck and back..LOL!  So I am feeling better in all major areas today-- and I am so thankful for God's tender mercies and kindness to me.   

There is really not all that much we can control in our lives, and our once strong, powerful bodies break down in time and fall apart.  Call me a romantic, or old softy, but I just want to find a LTR and love that person all to pieces and share my wealth and good things with her to make her life better--- if I can, if God's will allow that to happen.  This is not the biggest, most important priority in my life-- but a close runner up.  

The article I included below is a longer one for the hungry folks who want some red meat in their spiritual diet.  help yourself, friends and brothers.

Tonight we set our clocks in WI BACK... "FALL BACK, one hour."  
Some of my close friends are not as blessed as I am to be retired at age 54 with full benefits and pension, and so they must labor on-- soldier on-- to pay the bills in our 'slow burning,downward spinning economy' and who really knows what will come down the pike and affect all of us, negatively-- yet even me.  Maybe I will be at YOUR door begging for scraps of bread.. but I doubt it, and I pray and give thanks for every day I love and breathe.  I just let 'Deuce' the Rottweiler outside for the last time tonight-- and he will wake me early in the morning with his cold, wet nose, when he 'get's the urge to go' again.  The air temp right now is:  34 degrees F. and all is well.

It's the only logical explanation for his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians