Friday, November 18, 2011

So Windy- Friday.

Tom's Journal.
Watch the following GREAT VIDEO, and turn on the sound!!  Wow!

Hey guys and gals,  Old Soldier Tom loves to be entertained too.  And I DON'T have a 'wooden heart.'  Ha!  But I love that old German song...
The VA visit early this morning  went so good this time!!!  A tech lady specialist  told me that they VA routinely check guys like me who are age 60 and older just to make sure our hearts and aorta are OK, so it was just a fun 'imaging' event with a pretty lady with super pretty eyes, checked me out, and it led to a great extended conversation about the Bible and Salvation!   She came from Iran, but has been in the States for the past 17 years and spoke perfect English, and said that she did not practice Islam but went to a Christian chapel to pray, etc.  I gave her a small pocket New Testament bible and she was so happy and thankful! I explained how to pray, how to call on the Holy Spirit to help her glean the most from scriptures and to first read:  the Book of John, and then Romans, to learn about the Gospel and Salvation.  I felt good when leaving there [for a change] and also collected my $21.50 for 'travel pay' that helps defray the cost of gas-- and I floated back home on EMPTY and filled up my super fine Ram truck for $80 !!!  Woo Woo!  Ouch!   I called up a fine new lady in IL to ask her out for lunch but she must have been gone or super busy-- she asked me over for Thanksgiving last night!!  She has got to be a special, precious Christian woman, and her fine son will be there too.  She is a 'rare commodity' these days with so much selfishness, greedy and hate floating around in this satanic burning world..

Jumping in and out of the high 4 by 4 truck starts to get me tired after the 3rd and 4th time, but I do manage to get so much done these past days, and I am starting to actually feel better physically and emotionally.  After the 2 horrible knee replacement operations, I honestly thought I would be a bleeding cripple, very disabled, for the rest of my miserable life, but praise the Lord-- I am healing and reaching a certain threshold where I can finally "see the Light."  Hey, some one's always got it worse than us, brothers and sisters!  I don't know what the next day will bring, and it's super windy today in IL and WI.  But all born-again, well studied Christian ought to realize that the 'Season of the Rapture' COULD be/ IS  very near, as I have beaten my loud drum constantly for the last few years!  Like I trumpet:  'Israel is the Center of the World' -- and what happens there in that tiny postage stamp size nation will have dire ripple effects all over the world!   That is what I told the  Iran woman at the VA who was performing the imaging on my chest and abdomen.   But the good part is:  We try hard to live our lives as if this MAY BE the last day on earth and stay ready and alert for the Lord to come.... and He will come like a thief in the night [2nd Thessalonians]-- unexpected by the vast majority of mankind...  maybe 95 % !!  Maybe 90%, but God is waiting for that 'number/ quota' of Saved Christians -- and then the Rapture WILL COME, and that will be the "last stage  coach out of Dodge" brethren,  and I hope to be riding shotgun.  
And this is why we do the unthinkable... something that is not normal:  talking to complete strangers about Jesus Christ, His Word, and Salvation!  Actually, we are COMMANDED TO DO THIS VITAL WORK!  See.  Matt. 28.  

I have many chores to do but I am a morning guy and always have been, from young --up, early school, doing farm chores every morning, the Army, and Chrysler, etc.  But retired does have it's perks and let no one cheat or abuse us!  We CAN lay in bed forever-- except that the dog WILL get your butt out of bed with his cold, wet nose-- so he can do his duty  outside in the back yard.  he is so well trained that he will not stray from the UN-fenced in back yard or wonder off!  Sharon and I worked hard to train him also to be a 'Service Animal' who can and will save a human's life!  Now you know why I value him.

I am also happy that things are finally rolling in my 'social life' with dates, visiting, searching for the right person to be my soul mate and close friend, PTL.  And when it rains--it pours, but I believe that God has a purpose and plan for me-- and others too.    Those 'players' and such who love to play with other's feelings will see that 'they will reap what they sow' and how can they live with themselves -- so selfish and crafty??  I put MY cards on the table immediately and tell them that I am looking for a LTR.  I really don't date for fun-- I am on a mission, but I am kind and respectful of those I date.  In the mean time, I have to live, take care of my hound dog, Deuce, keep things clean and somewhat orderly, pump iron, get a sun tan and listen to the VA docs... lol.   I also have a fine daughter and 3 grand kids in another State with mountains... and I should visit them some day... maybe in Springtime, if I am still around.
Why don't we ALL SAY A PRAYER FOR THE LONELY, HOMELESS, JOBLESS, POOR, DISABLED PEOPLE HERE that are really trying hard to survive, but things will just get worse,--- unless you know how to 'work obama's thing... the welfare system' and live off  the State-- on my hard paid taxes....Ha!  I have tried to help my fellow man and those in the Faith, but I am just one man, and certainly not rich in dollars.  But my "riches" are eternal and ever lasting, PTL.    It doesn't matter if I die tonight or tomorrow, and feel safe and secure in my knowledge that' God cannot lie' [Titus 1:2] and He KEEPS ALL HIS PROMISES.... not like those folks in Washington D.C. .. lol.  Really, our suffering now seems unbearable, but guys like me and you and all the real other Christians need to band together and communicate, email, call on the phone to love and encourage each other!!!  Come on, friends, let's try hard and comment or just email.

God Bless all my Brothers and Sister in the Lord,
Big Bear Hugs,

Tommy Schuckman
Union Grove, WI  53182  >>>  expert with a torch, and a good welder too, but retired and somewhat disabled now.